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Wine in the Wairarapa

Just four days after my drive through Canterbury, my husband and I climbed in our car for another drive, this time over the hill but not so far away, just a little more than an hour really, though it was probably less as we had stopped in Petone for a Subway sandwich by the beach, foolishly thinking it would be quicker than making a sandwich at home, so it was really only 45 minutes from the foreshore with its view of the blue harbour on a warm spring day until we arrived in Martinborough, over the Rimutaka hills and their winding sometimes scary (but safer these days with the new highway) roads steeply up then down, through drowsy little Featherston, along the green plains and down into Martinborough, a charming wine village that was quite literally blooming with spring, with kowhai and cherry blossoms and rhododendrons in full colour, exuberant and joyful at the prospect of the coming summer; a wine village that is home to my friend Peony and her husband, (and various other members of her family who have followed her pilgrimage there) and to their olive grove and charming cottage and lavender and croquet lawn and quince trees in full flower, and their separate guest accommodation, thankfully not rented out this weekend but reserved for us, so we could go wine-tasting without fear at Palliser and Cabbage Tree and Martinborough Wines – where Craig last year bought a $70 bottle of pinot noir that he probably should have cellared for several years but couldn’t really (because of the flight home to Florida) so we drank it that night with… 255 more words

Just Life

Heaven in the Wairarapa

We had the most magical Saturday morning.
It was the second time we visited Poppies Winery and the service was as impeccable as our first visit. 79 more words

Spring springing in the Wairarapa.

Spring is in full blossom here in the Wairarapa. Plants are looking spectacular, animals are active and people are full of energy. Here’s some images of the gorgeousness. 7 more words


Gorgeous Goldfinch

This beautiful Goldfinch landed outside my door and wasn’t moving. I bundled him up and put him in a box….he is a lot more alert now…but still not quite ready to fly away. 28 more words


A wee bit of Russia in Aotearoa

Fellow blogger & great photographer, Alex Markovich, sent me this fabulous postcard of a wee bit of Russia.
I love the intense green in this photo- we have lots of green here in Aotearoa, but we would rarely find such similar shades of green in one image- it is great. 23 more words

Happy dogs in the Wai.

Happy happy dogs in the magical Wairarapa. Red Mango & Murphy.