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Burning down the house

Oliver and James Bubb were 19 and 18 respectively when they came out to New Zealand on the Carnatic. James was officially named Eber. The brothers came from Worcestershire. 789 more words


"Under the Totara Trees" Homestay in Carterton, Wairarapa

I didn’t expect this.

This is definitely one piece of heaven not to be judged by the photos/marketing that is just barely available on the internet.  1,219 more words


Little bits and pieces

There were three passengers on the Asterope who were “old settlers” but had made a trip back to “the Home Country”. Mr and Mrs Thomas Worsley and Mr B. 56 more words


102 and not (yet) out.

John Reynolds and Maria married in London in 1864, and set sail on the Asterope for New Zealand! A new beginning and an adventure! And a risk! 148 more words


Gustav and Franz Kummer

Gustav Horatio Johann Kummer and his brother, Franz Gottfried Herman Kummer, already had a third brother living in New Zealand when they arrived on the… 172 more words


Wairarapa Country Marathon

Gerry about 8 seconds before the start.

A beautiful morning as the sun rises over paddocks and lakes.

Henley Lake in the background.

Quaint letterbox. :-) … 708 more words


Cycling to 'Siberia', wheels to wine

‘So just a kilometre from here is the spot they call Siberia,’ Stuart tells me.  ‘It gets so windy there that in September a train was blown off the track and ended up suspended, carriages hanging off like a piece of string.’ I am significantly smaller than a train, balancing on a bicycle, and there is a cyclone coming, funnelled through the Cook Straight by surrounding mountain ranges. 1,230 more words