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The Homburg

Location: MB Antiques — The Village

Mr Wooster has been rather pipped because of an apparent absence of a decent Homburg from the SL inventory. But today he’s absolutely full of beans. 258 more words


Rolling up the old sleeves

Location: L’Arc-en-Ciel

Mr. Wooster is not a working man, ‘though his Aunt Agatha, the old battle ax, once tried to set him up as the private secretary to some formidable cabinet minister Johnnie. 230 more words


A country ramble

Location: Roche

In the last post, we presented this Kauna suit as a suitable option for urban day wear. The purchased package includes a pair of knickerbockers (what they call breeks) that serve well for sporting in the country. 398 more words


Suiting challenges

Location: Black Hole, Britannia, London Ambiguity

Gents suitings, ah gents suitings. If one looks at the old fashion illustrations and in films from the late silent and early talkies era, one will notice that men’s sport coats and suit jackets were cut long, in some cases almost approaching mid-thigh. 526 more words



As we have got older, my friend and I have both become frustrated with the mens fashion on offer. Maybe it’s because we think for ourselves and are free from following trends, but the solution now is to design and create our own clothing. 25 more words


My dull reminder of the year.

Well its the end of the year so congratulations on getting this far, I don’t really know what to say so forgive my ramble.

But in the space of six months I have gone from this… 226 more words

The joy the rapture

I feel like Ozymandias, surveying my empire atop a tower of gold, looking down on you lesser mortals with pity.
Let the trumpets cry and make this proclamation… 43 more words