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I am. I really, really am.

Not kidding, not exaggerating.

On paper, these here interwebs, I’m pretty damn awesome.

I knit some bad ass stuff, say funny and witty things. 290 more words

Wait. What?

(What could be) so wrong?

Sometimes it’s just too much. As we watched, read or heard the news unfold throughout the day from Murrysville, PA, facts mixed with half-truths. Stories and recounts evolved, revolved, and devolved – appeared, disappeared, reappeared, etc etc. 193 more words


I Guess It Wasn't An April Fool's Prank After All!

So while listening to the President talk about his signature health care law yesterday, I was halfheartedly thinking that it might all turn out to be a phenomenal April Fool’s joke, you know, … 894 more words


Ivy League (continued) -- ACCEPTED (YAY), REJECTED (UGH), OR WAITLISTED (HUH?!)

So decisions have been posted.

A heartfelt congratulations to all those who got accepted! Truly! You impressed someone, and you had “something” – “A Hook” they call it I guess. 428 more words


Obama Says ‘Bigger Nations cannot Simply Bully Smaller Ones’. Wait… what?

from RT, via, Lew Rockwell:

President Obama’s key speech in Brussels on Ukraine and attempts to isolate Russia appears to be an exercise of omission, mutually-exclusive statements and unveiled double standards. 194 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Making Dependency The New Normal

Can you imagine anyone other than a democrat saying this and getting away with it:  “There is no hiccup or delay, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of people who tried to sign up and they didn’t get through.  489 more words


Since When...

I feel as though I have said what I am about to say until I am blue in the face (pick whatever color suits you).  And that is this, I do not care about the skin tone of our President or any other person, I really don’t.  550 more words