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Let Us Bask in the Glow of Young Male Privilege

The Altoona Mirror gets letters.  Since the area it serves is overwhelmingly conservative, most of the letters, even those not scrawled in crayon, hue to the viewpoints of the far right.  829 more words


How About The Truth

Hi!  I’m the truth.  I do not care about consequences because I’m only interested in reaching a conclusion that features justice as the outcome.  And if heads roll because of my potentially damning revelations, then so be it. 63 more words


Foundation for Law and Behavior

It would seem that if a society, any society, is to live in peace and harmony one with another, that there ought to be a common bedrock, a set of principles, that if followed, lead to prosperity fairness for all people.  485 more words


A New Form of Victim Blaming...

My Chow and I stop at the Smokes and Lottery shack on our walk every Friday so I can pay my mother’s weekly tax for being bad at math.  697 more words

Batshit Insanity

Too Fat For Instagram?

 Wait, what?

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio - A 19-year-old college student from Ohio recently found out her Instagram account was deleted due to “violating community guidelines”.

Samm Newman says her Instagram was removed after she posted this picture in a bra and boy shorts. 226 more words

Arizona Citizens Maintain Delusion That Caucasian Christians Were the True Native Americans.

Salon brings us our latest location for the possible outbreak of right wing violence, this time over immigration and in Arizona:

Waving yellow Gadsden flags and looking like refugees from Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch, …

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