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Doug Peruski: A No-Brainer

Doug Peruski began his collegiate career at Kennesaw State University, where he studied acting and at The University of Georgia, and graduated from the latter institution with a BA in Theatre Arts. 247 more words

Doug Peruski

Douglas Peruski: From KSU to UGA

Douglas Peruski is a product of the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, and an Associates degree in Computer Science. 237 more words

Douglas Peruski

Working Sucks!

So far in life I have worked as a babysitter, a retail worker in a corporate bookstore, a server at a corporate restaurant chain, and a front desk agent at a franchise location of a corporate hotel chain. 174 more words


This is it! I'm done! Through! It's Over!

So, about a month ago I finally found a waiting job! Yay!

…But now I’m quitting.

I chose to overlook the fact that I was being paid $4 under the minimum wage. 639 more words


Basic Etiquette

Good afternoon!

Today’s post was supposed to be a Recap of Week 2, but considering I talked a little about what I had planned/done each day in the blogs, I felt that was just repetitive. 543 more words


Miss America Fail - Help!

I need some help from my creative friends. Ideas . . . no money. I have volunteered to be a “Celebrity Waiter” at the fundraiser I’m… 118 more words


Different types of restaurant complainers!

In my career in the service industry I’ve noticed different types of complainers.

1) The Genuine Complainer
These are the genuine complaints. The risotto was a little undercooked for the client. 550 more words