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Nursery tales #3

Eight months have passed since we started at the nurseries, during which Pallino has been going to Nursery #1 on Mondays and Fridays and Nursery #2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays (you can read the beginning of the tale in… 654 more words


Home Forward - Join Waiting Lists for Public Housing Apartments

Home Forward is pleased to announce that we will be accepting applications for one-, two-, and three-bedroom public housing waiting lists from Wednesday, July 9 through Saturday, July 12, 2014.  122 more words


Legislation for free GP care for under 6s

It is obvious that circumstances have changed somewhat since this Bill first saw the light of day in a context when radical changes were taking place in the provision of medical cards. 729 more words


To PD or not to PD

I’m going to yet another personality disorder assessment.  It’s for an MBT-based programme for BPD.  This frustrates me no end, because i was referred to them two years ago, they did an assessment to screen for personality disorders and the results indicated that i have OCPD (but is not diagnosable as it doesn’t present a problem in my day to day functioning, which is the very definition of a psychiatric disorder) but did not meet enough criteria to be diagnosed with BPD.   617 more words


Have the cuts in health expenditure resulted in any savings?

It is a given that the country found itself in a very difficult situation financially and found itself making what have been called difficult choices, clearly choices that were more difficult for some than for others, over the last few years. 410 more words


Absence of dermatologists; Cancellation of Obesity Surgery; Banking Inquiry Committee

I apologise if I sound like a broken record but this is yet another day without a dermatologist in the part of the country with the highest incidence of skin cancer, despite months of advance notice… 303 more words


Babies, Bathwater, and the Bedroom Tax

The Story

It’s now been one year since the Reduction of the Spare Room Subsidy policy, aka the Bedroom Tax, was introduced across the UK. The Government’s stated aim with the policy was to make better use of available social housing stock, encouraging those under-occupying  to downsize and free up larger properties for households with larger families. 2,126 more words

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