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Wanting, Whining, and Waiting

Yesterday was my one month anniversary since I left for Port au Prince, Haiti and on the 5th marks a month that I’ve been back in the States… 569 more words



I spent a week in prayer asking God to show me which of the three paths set before our family we were supposed to take. It was a great week but at the end I had no answers. 1,568 more words

God's Perspective is Worth the Wait!

Do God’s plans for the new season feel like a mystery? I see the new season’s plans as 1 Corinthians speak of, as a reflection in a mirror. 437 more words



In one of the houses we lived in we had a bathroom with a really annoying shower. It seemed like you had to enter it through a porthole: you duck down, try to see without much light, try to maneuver your body around and get clean. 699 more words


Waiting on God

This is going to be a hard one to write.

The co-worker I was talking about actually came to service yesterday with me! That was a miracle and blessing in itself. 504 more words

Mom's Fall

As I mentioned in the last post, my mom fell a few days ago.

She is elderly but lives independently.

Her 6 year old great granddaughter wanted to spend the night with her and her mom (my daughter) decided to give it a trial run, hoping that GG (what they call my mother) would be available to take care of L (the granddaughter) one or two nights in the future while she visited her brother in TX.  1,010 more words

Walking With God

Stress Relief

While waiting for my mother to get checked in for her doctor’s appointment, I saw this sign tacked to a wall.  It made me smile. 512 more words

Walking With God