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Why we should date?

” Dating without the intention of getting married is like going inside the grocery store without money. Either you take something that isn’t yours or you will leave unsatisfied.” 208 more words


You can't hurry love No, you just have to wait!

I think the man has to be the hardest part of my five step, its driving me insane, I’m hopelessly obsessed with men in general and as you’ve read before one man in particular. 557 more words


Nothin' New

Nothing new to report. Continually working on our to do list. Almost finished with the list of things we needed to accomplish before we started all of our paperwork. 30 more words


Jus Sanguinis: Don't Ever Ask If It Can Get Any Worse...

A yin yang of information has come my way.
In a yin yang, there is a big, white section with a small black dot and a big black section with a small white dot, right? 566 more words

Dual Citizenship

Hard Times

Sometimes this adoption stuff and the wait is harder than I imagined or planned on it to be. With both my other boys, I had a rough idea of when they would make their appearance. 534 more words


Waiting, even when you don't want to.

Me, like most type A, go-getter women, hate to wait. It’s the fact of life. Waiting for something kills me inside. I tend to always think two steps ahead and plan for those steps. 698 more words