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The Waitress

My last table is finally getting up to leave. I swear, they sat there forever. I was starting to wonder if they were going to sprout roots. 2,819 more words

Short Stories

Intentional with Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends. I am so very grateful for you!

Thanksgiving. A time to be grateful. A time to reflect on all my many blessings, thanking God for all. 380 more words


The Trials and Tribulations of a Small-Time Songstress

After three years of heckling and hassling, my dad has finally won. All my life I have been a writer, it even translated into my career as a musician. 162 more words

Being An Adult

Note for people who tip poorly...

Dear Poor Tippers,

I am sorry that my waiting on you hand and foot upset you so. I don’t know if it was the fact that your order came out exactly how you wanted it, or if it was the way that your drinks were never empty, or possibly my smile that made you tip 0-10%, but what ever it was, I am… 126 more words


Hello World [Wide Web]

My name, Lindsay. My mission, to share the musings inside my mind with the world.

You may choose to be entertained or you may decide my mind is much too awesome for your liking, but either way, it’s here. 404 more words


10 Things I Need You To Know As Your Waitress

1. My time matters, please respect it.
Let’s start off by stating that I understand my job. I want you to kick back and relax. Don’t cook, don’t clean. 1,258 more words