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TGI...Oh Wait!

Anyone who has ever been a server has got to understand what I am going to say. The weekends are something that I dread. While everyone else is saying “TGIF,” and hitting happy hours, I am putting on my black clothes and heading to work. 418 more words

The much less awkward second post


At the moment, so much seems to happen in one week that it’s hard to differentiate, but luckily I’ve got my placement diary to remind me of what I’ve been working on! 987 more words

Why not do something nice along with your meal ?

Picture the scenario, you are sitting at a table with your spouse, or good friend. Its a relaxing time. No pressures. You are just enjoying the… 116 more words

Devotion To God

Remember that

I agree with this 100%!
Love this saying so much :)

My Life

SC - Missing woman Kimara Hughey found alive in ravine off Swamp Rabbit Trail | Local News - WYFF Home

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. —A woman who had been missing for days was found alive in a ravine off the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

Kimara Hughey had been missing since Tuesday, according to a dispatch supervisor. 25 more words


Spilled Milk

I quit my job. I spent the last two years working my ass off for something that literally didn’t pay off. It wasn’t a smooth departure either. 538 more words

4 Awful Tippers Every Waiter Hates

Have you ever been a server? No, but really, have you ever worked in a restaurant? If you love smiling at random people all day, being cut off before you can even spit out hi my name is…. 797 more words