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Will work for pizza

I saw this article about Pepe’s clam pizza being named the best in America and thought back to the days I worked at their annex, … 796 more words


You're Smarter Than You Think You Are!

Hey folks! It’s been an interesting week at school/work.

So the main thing I do when I tutor is test the students on their reading ability. 483 more words


New Experiences

This week I start a new job. One I’m excited about.
Just for the heck of it, I applied at a local restaurant; I had been avoiding working in the food world my whole life, knowing that it is fast paced and involves interaction with humans. 794 more words


Spelling, Grammar and Other Evils

The new format for this online diary leads me to a new topic. Every morning – after a dispute with Henry, dusting, brass polishing, fetching the ice, checking the beer taps, folding napkins and standing glazed in front of an episode of ‘Three in a Bed’ – comes the painful moment of realisation. 343 more words


TGI...Oh Wait!

Anyone who has ever been a server has got to understand what I am going to say. The weekends are something that I dread. While everyone else is saying “TGIF,” and hitting happy hours, I am putting on my black clothes and heading to work. 418 more words

The much less awkward second post


At the moment, so much seems to happen in one week that it’s hard to differentiate, but luckily I’ve got my placement diary to remind me of what I’ve been working on! 987 more words