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How my weird hospitality/bartender job has made me a better writer/student/human

I wish I could get paid to go to school, but, alas, one of the undeniable perks of being a twenty-something college student at the moment is that while I attempt to enrich my understanding of the world and better myself through formal education, I also get to submit myself to hours of restaurant-service work and still accumulate thousands of dollars of student loan debt for later. 1,095 more words


If You're Waiting For a Waiter, Doesn't That Make You The Waiter?

My first job was waitressing and what a horrible job it was. Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s perks like we got free sandwiches at lunch and you got free drinks and a coffee in the morning and SOME of the staff are nice but other than that, I thought that waitressing was a nightmare. 1,245 more words


Spending Wisely = Tipping Nicely

We live in an era where it is all about saving and getting more for your money.
This is a good thing right?
Lets see what my good friend and guest writer, Alyssa Phillips (her blog: … 534 more words

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Cute Waitress

It’s always nice to have a helper when things are crazy in the patisserie! Luckily, I have Lucy to help me in those times! She’s such a cutie! 13 more words

Pretend Play Restaurant

Here’s a follow-up activity for using fake food…or real food! Create a pretend restaurant!

This was one of my absolute favorite games as a kid – my mom would let us be the waiters/waitresses for a typical weeknight dinner at home, and I remember it as being the coolest because there was actual, real food involved. 273 more words