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Waiter vs. Kitchen Part I

Sometimes customers come in and seem so new to the dining out experience that you wanna ask them, ‘Are you okay? Have you done this before?’ 199 more words


Lowongan Kerja Untuk Admin (Bali)

Fast & Details Gallery Gallery Automotif:

1. Admin (Adm) wanita , SMK, max.26thn
2. GRO / Reception (GRO) wanita D3 max.28thn
3. waiter/ss (WT) SMK max.25thn… 10 more words


Yep, just talking for fun.

Tables that don’t listen.


I am trying to help you.

You came here for food and drink, I am your middle man.

Please pay attention to me. 560 more words


When I grow up...

‘Waitress’ is not usually an answer that comes up when you’re asked what you would like to be when you grow up.
Most of the time, it is not a career plan – it’s unlikely we have reached our final destination. 116 more words


Dance With Me, Sven

When we’re dead we’re dead.

It’s a pure and honest truth about restaurants; when there is no one in the restaurant most people find themselves whining, bored, and on their phone. 264 more words



Since roughly the age of twelve, I’ve wanted to work in a restaurant. At the time, mesmerized by the Food Network and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain who (when writing the book) was head chef of New York’s Les Halles, I had hoped to one day become a chef. 1,778 more words

My 10 Cents Worth

Rebekah: I Think The Waitress Called My Friend Fat!!!

Every Tuesday, I eat lunch with the boys…Billy Kidd (our production guy), Jay Cresswell (our Assistant Program Director), Cole Henson (our web guy), and Josh Clark (our other web guy). 202 more words