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big tip saves woman's life

Big tip Chad Johnson gave prevented woman from committing suicide
SB Nation  (Jason Marcum)

The former Bengals receiver helped bring Christmas spirit to one woman who needed it most. 185 more words


The tip debate

I work in a café on the bottom floor of one of those huge over populated commercial buildings in downtown Toronto . 2 floors above me is the office of an attractive young doctor with a healthy addiction to turkey clubs , I joke that he’s in the turkey club (I know I’m hilarious ). 400 more words


One Week Until Christmas

Well, in one week exactly I’ll be up at my parents’ house, watching the Macy’s Christmas Day Parade, cooking everything for Christmas dinner and making sure I look somewhat presentable for the family get together… since I see them once a year… 239 more words

Every Feeling Has a Flavor (a winter pie recipe)

I’ve always said if you want to know what’s going on in my life, observe what’s going on in my kitchen.  My girlfriends used to say they knew how my love life was going just by tasting the pies I baked.   569 more words



What the hell is wrong with me? (Please dont answer that!) I sill work at that craphole and I  still hate it so much. I am patiently waiting to win the lottery and never have to work again but my patience is wearing very thin here. 244 more words


Rock-N- Rolling Silverware

“That’s MY granddaughter!”

I glance up from the stage where I’m crouched, peering through a nest of blonde curls, towards the voice of my grandmother. I can feel the blood rush to my face as I drop my head in embarrassment, doing my best to feign ignorance at the scene unfolding before me. 917 more words


Tammy Wade Talks with Lance Walton.

Tammy Wade talks with Lance Walton about being a waitress.

Lance: How long have you been a waitress?

Tammy: I’ve been doing waitress jobs for 12 years at several different places. 1,355 more words