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Self-recognizing is compulsory for any meaningful thing to be done in life. Failure, defeat and disappointments are the result of not knowing who you are. 1,838 more words


Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. 228 more words


Wake up, America!

I’m not a political person. I prefer to ignore any and all politics because they piss me off, but even I can’t turn a blind eye towards everything that’s happening lately. 462 more words

Do You Know Enough About the World Around You?

Our objective here at Truth Outreach Mission is simple. Informed those who may not yet awake. There is something happening right now and if we don’t pay attention now, everything we know will be lost. 620 more words


~ Liberty Watcher


Another unarmed victim, another sanctioned murder.
Another life taken away because they fit the description
or felt threaten on that certain day. Color blind laws, 232 more words

What a Beautiful Day. Why Not?

From the very moment I open my eyes, I can make a decision of how the rest of my day is going to go. I have this power. 396 more words