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Anhydrous Rebreather

Notes from a commercial flight departing Minneapolis St. Paul bound for Anchorage, AK.

The local time is 17:48, but that only matters until the door closes. 1,841 more words


Dream a Little Dream of - My Apartment

I hear a rustling in the living room. I shove the panic away as I open amd close my eyes. The light is blinding. Through it, I’m surprised to see my sister, sitting in the rocker, and my mom in my recliner. 552 more words


A Career, a Dog, a Husband

Dreams are a source of guidance from the Divine. The wisdom gained by paying attention to them can bless every aspect of your life. Everything from relationships, health concerns, finances, careers, family life and more. 928 more words

Nature Awareness School

Enjoy your f*cking baseball mitt...

I’ve been a space head since I can remember. I have an early memory of the 4th grade; sitting in an oversized leather chair in my pajamas with my shower-fresh combed hair leafing in amazement through the pages of a coffee table book of sci-fi art and spaceship designs. 1,190 more words


Prayer Averts Health Problem

Dreams are one of the many ways Spirit can communicate with you. Cultures for thousands of years have looked to their dreams as a source of Divine guidance. 441 more words

Nature Awareness School