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Silent willow, burdened and weeping
Borne of neglect
Bent and twisted, life blood seeping

Seasons turn, torn from time
Heavy and broken
Watch the world, no reason or rhyme… 17 more words


“He looked different in sleep, beautiful but cold as moonlight. I found myself wishing he would wake so that I might watch the life return.” 7 more words


Nothing Like It

There’s nothing like waking to a screaming baby,
The same one who says your name with delight,
Or crawls over to you to speak some gibberish, 70 more words

Paul Carroll

Sun and i

Sun rests on the western horizon
flashing red and orange hues for some time
Then it slowly sinks in the darkness
only to be seen as twilight of dusk… 117 more words


The Cloying Curvature of Sleep

In the dark, our senses clamour for an anchor to re-ground our drifting souls back to the realm of waking dreams; because the disembodied night-world of dreams, drifting within the fitful, diseased and cloying curvature of sleep is too fecund – too overblown – too ripe to the point of near putrefaction for our cowering souls to bear. 109 more words

#131 Best Part of Waking Up

Today was one of those ‘Hot Pocket for breakfast’ kinds of mornings.

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Jason Jack

Wake up feeling ok

You’re the one that threw me down a rope.
I finally got out of this hole, finally got to see the sun.
It’s been years since I saw the clouds and the stars. 55 more words