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This thing still exists?!

I thought I wiped this out a long time ago, but judging by the date of my last post, evidently I was using it earlier this year. 110 more words



to the bed

an unwilling messiah
to the rabble of the


The Difference in Sleeping With and Without You

Sleeping with you is like slipping into a coma, a surreal state of peacefulness and time just stands still. I don’t even need to stare at the ceiling for hours before I fall asleep, I simply just need to nuzzle into the little depression where your shoulder and chest meet and I’ll fall asleep. 202 more words


I'll Sleep Tonight

I’ll sleep tonight and never wake again,
Shadows will rise, dancing for my revenge.

I’ll forever close my book,
Never to be seen again.

I’ll never open my eyes, 56 more words


At the Temple in Chiang Mai

While in Chiang Mai, we visited the Buddhist temple where my family worshipped. We brought food and an offering of money to the monk, and in return asked for the blessing we so needed. 196 more words


Following Your Feet

I’ve heard a lot of people tell others to, “let your feet lead you,” when trying to give them instructions, or when trying to tell them how to move on with their lives. 1,613 more words

things I want to tell my children but might forget - getting up

things I want to tell my children but might forget / getting up


By now you probably know there are three kinds of waking.  I will describe them to you and then you can see if you know them. 400 more words