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Walked around the park two times

Today was a great day to get out and walk and that is what I did.

I made it around the park two times. There is always a first time for everything. 37 more words



And in the morning
They shook their pillows
Violently, hoping
All the dreams they lost
That night would tumble out.
–Joseph Gordon-Levitt


A Sleepy Morn

The veil of darkness is slowly pulled back, dawn has arrived. Warmth, comfort and happiness surrounds me. These sheets will hold me forever, just as the warm body next to me does. 18 more words



Warmth and solitude
Halfway between up and down
In weightless suspense.


NaPoWriMo #14: 'Request'

This is a literal request. If you can do this for me, let me know by 11 p.m. tonight. That’s hopefully when I’m going to sleep for hopefully a few hours. 335 more words

singing, in dreams

A week…

That’s how long it has taken me to write about the dream.
It lingered under my skin… spinning a layer of paralyzing hesitation down my fingers every time i’d go to write about it. 277 more words

Dear J

Maunaloa Morning


It’s all about the journey,

Believing in miracles,

Dormant creative forces,

Internalizing vision,

Cell regeneration,


Pushing to achieve,

Reaching to let go.

Death/life. 72 more words