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Earth Alive

I want to share with you something about my life. It is fleeting. It is rich. It has held pain for love. It has let go. 143 more words

Symphony or thunder

Symphony or thunder,

it matters not to me.

Music fills this one life

with such ecstatic glee.

Waking in the morning

to songs of first daylight. 61 more words

1-21-2015 | Dreams | Waking Up A Lot And Dream Fragments

I kept waking up a lot last night knowing that I was just dreaming but not being able to remember what I dreamed about because my mind seemed to be waking me up constantly so that I can see if I had a… 1,045 more words


Daily Prompt: Two Right Feet - or left

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things? 898 more words

Daily Prompt

Softening Into  

A simple stirring, a whisper

Moves over your skin,

Soft as shadow,

You rise.

The bones in your back crack

As you stretch


Break off the night… 36 more words


How to Tell If You Are Dreaming

I have been on the look out for ways of testing if I am dreaming for a very long time.  It’s not a puzzle that is as easy to solve as one would think.   1,065 more words

The Beyond