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Violence Upon Waking

I would like to start off saying that my boyfriend (who has Combat PTSD) has never been violent or even angry. We have been together On and off for about 2 years and I have never been “scared” of him. 67 more words

Night Terrors (?) Getting Out Of Hand

For a few years now I ve been waking up screaming and running outside in the middle of the night. It stopped for while and has begun to return again. 84 more words

A Fight For Day

A fog, it keeps me here, I want to wake
But mind wants to rest.
“I don’t want to get up!”it whines
“I have to get up!” I say… 92 more words


surfing the surface, 22nd November 2014

surfing the surface of sleep… that was me last night…… skimming it like a stone across a pond……… never breaking through the tension……… I dreamed I was awake then woke up and I wasn’t asleep……. 213 more words



tomorrow’s freedom
is today’s surrender
we come before you
lay our burdens down…

Dog Life Lesson #5: Purposefully Wake Up

When Vinnie wakes up, he wakes up with purpose.  Every day.  Without exception.  His purpose is usually to go outside, relieve himself, sniff the air, mark his territory, chase some squirrels and move his body – but it’s a purpose, and he is determined to achieve that purpose from the very moment the sun comes up.   49 more words


47. I Dreamt of You


I dreamt of you last night,
You appeared before me real as day,
Though I knew it could not be;
There was just no way.
299 more words