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Yes, mes amis, this app DOES work.

My BS radar went off about this “gimmick” when I first heard of it, but lo and behold… this joker is no joke! 151 more words


On Working at Wal-Mart

For two years in undergrad and during a summer in vet school, I worked at a local Wal-Mart.  With only a year and a half left to go in vet school and all my classroom studies behind me, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that I’ll ever have to work at such a place again.   2,381 more words

About Me

Makin' a Living the Old Hard Way

Today at work, NewIntern hit on me. First he offered to go to the gym with me at lunch, and later he showed me some funny T-shirt pictures he thought would make me laugh (they didn’t). 1,169 more words

There Oughta be a Law!

I’m still harping on the grocery store. The grocery store is proof-positive that stupid people need to eat, too. Most shoppers have enough sense and common courtesy to be mindful of their baskets and their butts. 627 more words

Living Life!


So yes, a few years have gone by since I managed to stumble across this again.
As much as I suck at writing and blogging, I decided to try to take it up again as though I didn’t excel at it, I certainly enjoyed it. 907 more words

The Daily

Will W.C. Bradley Return Manufacturing to Columbus?

“I don’t foresee it anytime soon,” W.C. Bradley Company CEO Marc Olivie’ told members of the Rotary Club of Columbus.

He went on to explain that Wal-Mart is planning to spend more than 50-billion-dollars on American manufactured goods and that it would continue to buy Char-Broil grills if manufacturing returns from China to America if the price remains the same.   326 more words


Sheriff: Man arrested for tackling armed fellow Wal-Mart shopper who has a concealed-carry permit

By: Martha Neil

Michael Foster apparently thought he was doing the right thing when he allegedly tackled a fellow Wal-Mart shopper who was carrying a concealed handgun.   147 more words