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Tribute to Henry David Thoreau

Today I visited Concord and the nearby Walden Pond, where Henry David Thoreau stayed alone for two years. These photos, which I took today, are my tribute to him and his writings.   236 more words


Missoula as Walden

Now that we have stopped moving and are settled here in our house in Missoula, I have had some time to think and to absorb my surroundings. 1,587 more words

Too pure to have a market value (Walden 143)

What would happen if you found a great and perfect diamond, a jewel of such stunning beauty that it would surely command a huge price at auction… but, let’s say that by some magic it’s impossible for you or anyone else to take possession of it. 368 more words


"Living at the End of Time" by John Hanson Mitchell

This memoir was published in 1990, a generation ago. Much of its appeal (for me) comes from the geographic setting – in Massachusetts, near the Boston beltway (aka Route 495). 296 more words

Tourist Rescues Woman From Walden Pond In Concord

CONCORD (CBS) – A woman was rescued from Walden Pond in Concord late Wednesday afternoon.

State Police say the woman was spotted sitting on a bench at the pond before she waded into the water, fully clothed. 262 more words


“How can you expect the birds to sing when their groves are cut down?” (Walden 140)

As he wrote the final drafts of Walden, Thoreau lamented the changes to the pond since he moved out several years earlier. More trees had been cut down, and the town of Concord was even thinking about piping the pond’s water into town. 318 more words


My Many Last Swims

When I found out I would be traveling to Australia to attend my father’s funeral I went to Walden. Gloves and socks, silk underwear, a neoprene hat and wetsuit, all the protective layers making the preparations as long as the swim itself. 407 more words

Walden Pond