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I Walk Alone

I tend to live in my own head, a beautiful place called la-la land that I frequent often.  The owner of a bakery I worked at as a teenager used to always say in his thick French accent, “Davy, open your eyezzzz!”  Lately, I have been working on doing just that, getting out of my head in order to experience reality, to experience myself. 686 more words


Everyone should walk alone

Everyone should try to walk alone. Because it feels like enjoying your morning coffee alone on a beautiful spot. The feeling just lasts all day! 44 more words

Camino De Santiago

  • We are where we are just because that’s where we want to be.~Zig Ziglar
  • Do not let the apathy that comes with growing old stops you from chasing your dream.
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    This lonely path

    Migration is not for everyone. So often, this phrase is cited by ‘been there done that’ migrants who are dispensing advice/warning to aspiring migrants. The whole process is fraught with uncertainty, setbacks, unfamiliarity – it is like being plunged into the icy cold sea late at night, during a storm, while in the middle of a deep sleep. 406 more words