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#hap2014 - 229 - Walk On The Wild Side (by Lou Reed)

Oh it’s such a perfect day.

That’s the one line most people associate with his solo career. It’s a good tune, but I was always fonder of Lou Reed telling these tidbits about misfits, outsiders and otherwise more mysterious figures on this planet. 110 more words


Applying An Ounce of Skepticism to Practice Reports

I’m gradually reaching the conclusion that the most unreliable aspect of football journalism is the practice report. When done well, they’re invaluable. But how do you know that the observations are sound? 635 more words

Matt Waldman

On Robin Williams' Passing

We’re a nation sold on celebrity. It’s also one of our leading exports to the rest of the world. Like many of you, I was raised to venerate the famous. 759 more words

Matt Waldman

William Andrews vs. Ronnie Lott

A couple of years ago I recalled a childhood memory of William Andrews taking a swing pass and running through Ronnie Lott. After scoring from 70-plus yards, a woozy Lott was helped off the field. 143 more words

Matt Waldman