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Today started off on a really awful note. I woke up to my dad yelling that he needed my car keys because my dog was really sick. 348 more words


Stubborn me!

I don’t even know where to begin. The past two weeks have been hard…like super hard. Which I found it hard to believe because prior to those weeks my life was going amazing; my mood was always good, and as a woman to say that is incredible. 1,418 more words

Isaiah 50: A Purpose In Life

I know that we have a simple question at the end of Isaiah 50, but I thought it was pretty interesting, so I want to delve into that a little bit. 319 more words


Stop to Take a Breath

When was the last time that you took time to stop and breathe? When did you last have a moment of silence and thought deeply about something, anything? 317 more words

The F Word

Fail. 1. The opposite of success. 2. To be unsuccessful in achieving a goal. 3. To make a mistake. 4. To fall short. 5. To be deficient, lacking or insufficient. 913 more words

Walk With God

Your Christianity versus others’ Christianity | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

One of the things I have come to see in so many people today is that they seem to be having a Christian life that is patterned after another person’s Christian life. 820 more words

Edible Pen


A while ago I was waiting on a customer at work and he made a comment saying, “Oops, I lied to you.” I replied with, “Don’t lie to me,” and when he asked why I said, “Liars go to hell.” His retort, “Well that is harsh.” This incident has been playing in my mind for some time. 418 more words