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Norman has so many different looks!

Skatz: And yet while entirely different, they are still all hideous. Was this his “Ken doll” phase?

Calgary Expo April 16-19, 2015

I look forward to the Calgary Expo every year. Having only missed one in the last 6 years I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of actors and actresses from some of my favorite films. 177 more words


TV Musings: Better Call Saul, Powers, Walking Dead

(1) Esquire magazine says Better Call Saul is even better than Breaking Bad. If this is true, then it’s mind-blowingly awesome. I’d love to see it happen, since  333 more words


'If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0'

Hey so I’ve now got tumblr….. I know quite a lot of my friends have it but I’ve never really been into social mediary stuff (not that that’s a word). 176 more words

Ooh… hello, Mr. Sassy Pants!

Skatz: Shit, where do I even begin…

1.What’s with the lady-cut blazer, nipped in at the waist to emphasize his moobs?

2.It’s 2015- who wears a jean shirt buttoned up to the collar with a sweater vest? 61 more words

Norman Reedus

Woah! Norman’s got a lot going on in this photo.

Skatz: The giant rubber dick is the least offensive thing in this photo.