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Bella, An Energetic Pit Mix

Alex, my 12 year-old pit mix, only started to settle down when she was about 10 years old.  Yes, you read that right, 10 years.  During those 10 years, I had to take Alex for long walks and get her to run a couple of times a week in order to keep my sanity.  294 more words


The Best Part Of My Day - Jessica

The Best Part Of My Day

The best part of my day comes after I take a shower, walk the dogs and get dressed and ready for work. 169 more words

Working Mom's

See You Bailey

A couple of years ago, we met Bailey, a beautiful 3 year old basset/beagle mix, through an ad on Craigslist, so we got to see her every time her pet parents went out of town. 926 more words


Traveling tails

Sometimes it is only by our tales,
That we know which direction we are going…

And sometimes,
Not even then!

The Now

Late Morning Short Mountain Walk (Say What?!)

Hey friends!

Now, before you all think I’ve lost my mind, hear me out…it’s not as bad as you think. A friend from my dart team texted me yesterday and asked me if I’d like to take a walk sometime tomorrow (now today…you follow?). 170 more words

So thankful

What a morning I have had. It’s just past noon and I’ve already doubled my steps for the day, walked 10 miles and am just below my minimum calories to burn. 49 more words

Let the games begin

So yesterday I did pretty damn good if I do say so myself…

I feel so accomplished being able to get my numbers back up after being basically immobile for a few days. 67 more words