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I am Sooo Tired - TGIF

Because the weather is so nice today here in Odenton, MD, we took a nice walk and once I cleaned them up, each furry kid took a spot to hang out and/or fall asleep.  116 more words


How Do I handle Walking Dogs With Different Energy Level?

When Cynthia is able to help me, I walk 2 dogs and she walks the other 2.  Those with higher energy level are walked longer by yours truly.  189 more words


Transitions II

In Transitions a few weeks back I wrote about my awakening and forced acceptance that a part of my life was coming to an end with a surprising jolt, and a newer journey about to begin. 

Just A Thought

Foster Failure - Bella, Our Girl

A little over 3 months ago, Cynthia and I went to BARCS to pick up a foster dog, and I truly wanted to train her and work on her behavior so she could go to her forever home, but that was never meant to be.  189 more words


Human Food For Alex And Bella

Let me start by saying that I started to feed Alex and Bella human food, at the beginning, always in small quantities,  Also, neither one is allergic to any of the ingredients I use, and if you are planning to start feeding your dog human food and have any questions about it, please talk to your vet or better, to a holistic vet. 355 more words


This And That... But Mostly Dogs

It’s been a long time since I’ve really walked a dog.  I used to walk my big dog, Jake, everyday through our neighborhood–usually down to a little park.   453 more words

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