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This is Phoebe.

Phoebe is my ultra quirky, one hundred and twenty pound majestic Saint Bernard. She is three years old, and still has the mind of a puppy. 498 more words

Inspirational Walks

Learning How To Talk

I have always been quiet. I saw myself as an introvert–unwilling to start conversations, trying to stay out of crowds, uncomfortable at parties–and was happy with the label. 502 more words


BAM! Out of Nowhere

Have you ever been walking along, la-dee-da, everything’s going fine when-


You’re hit with this long complicated scene for either a story you’ve had going for a while or one that you didn’t even know was percolating in the back of your head. 27 more words


Melissa, Nicole Miller, Birmingham, Mich. (Barf Bag Poem #3)

Melissa, Nicole Miller, Birmingham, Mich.
(Barf Bag Poem #3)

She’s a bit sexy, with her magenta, spaghetti-strap
satin bustier for a shirt, and black, ass-fitting satin pants. 245 more words


Working Out When You Really Don't Want To

We all have our little routines when it comes to working out.  And for the most part, I’m sure we stick to our routines for the duration. 155 more words


Rain Rain Rain

To say that I got wet on the way back from a swimming lesson with thirty, seven year olds is a bit of an understatement. I could not have been more wet by the time we got back to school than if I had gone into the pool with the children. 610 more words

Walking the Dog by Blair Gaulton

Walking the Dog
Walking down the street
leash in his hand
with his imaginary dog
discussing all the plans
for the day
smiling as he walks away.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Nov 2014

Blair Gaulton