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The Dog Must Pee

So I went outside today for the first time in four days. I know it’s been four days because my husband said, “Do you realize I’ve been taking this dog out every time for four days?” The only reason I went outside today is because my husband’s comment led me to conclude that if I didn’t get my butt off the futon and take the dog out, she might be left with no choice but to pee on the apartment floor. 218 more words

What I Find Funny

Something To Get Your Teeth Into...

Greetings my friends.

A couple of weeks ago, I was on my way home from a shopping trip for groceries, a job which I usually don’t mind doing but today was different, I was having trouble with my mouth! 982 more words

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My Dog Is Named for Elizabeth Bishop

My Dog Is Named for Elizabeth Bishop

Robyn Selman

October. The first pricks of cold air in
the city morning. We walk, Liz and I, 134 more words

Quotes And Poems

This I know for sure

The sun is gonna set

Every day. . .about this time
except for when it doesn’t
and then . . . it sets earlier

The moon will be full… 33 more words

My Thoughts

Simple Sunday - Cranes, Coffee, and a Shared Towel

On my walk with the dog this weekend, I noticed the building near our place had grown.

When I got back Gray Leopard, a stray cat I have been wooing and have hopes of taming and adding as a member of our family because we simply don’t have enough going on in our lives, was waiting at our front door.  137 more words


A Dogged Life Haiku

A Dogged Life
It’s a calm dog walk
until the chitter-chatter
of stupid squirrels.

-ettemeyer 6 more words


Walking the Dog, Part 1

September 5th

2.8 miles

Morning walk with my dog, the Goose. We meet what-could-be me and Goose’s future selves: an old man and his 10-year old black labrador. 117 more words