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I Must Be Getting Old; I've Already Lost My Mind


Okay, the title is a bit overdramatic. But yesterday morning I had pretty good evidence of the deterioration of my mental faculties, or at least my perception. 626 more words

Tree time: An oak through a year...

Well, as many of you will know, back at the beginning of January 2014, on a whim, I started taking a photograph each day, of one particular oak tree that I pass while walking the Delinquent Dog. 374 more words

Dog Rose Diary

He Can Keep The Boots!

Ages ago, I bought some walking boots from a catalogue, biggest mistake I ever made. I should have waited and bought them from a proper outlet where I could have tried them on and tested them. 348 more words

Written Post

Striking a balance in life

With my “Writing Plan of Action” in place as of yesterday, today I turn my attention to striking a balance. I have the luxury of not depending upon my income from writing to keep me afloat. 280 more words

My Books


I am looking through my photoalbums and found this picture of my dog. I think it’s pretty cool. Not sure if I have already posted this here or not.


Winter Walk

I haven’t been pulling the camera out very much lately because of the wind chill that will cause your flesh to freeze and shatter like glass in seconds, as the fear-mongering news reports seem to imply. 48 more words