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Doesn’t this photo inspire you to put on your shoes and go for a walk?

 I snapped it on a WEEKEND trip to the French countryside with my brother during the summer of 2012. 81 more words


Down the Giant, Up Leura

We have a walk that we do on a fairly regular basis – we call it “Down the Giant, up Leura”. It is basically just that: down the giant staircase (a local attraction that takes you down into the Jameson Valley), then along the Federal Pass into the Leura Forest and finally up the steps to get back  up to street level. 61 more words


A cool mall

St Georges Mall in the city center is a nice cool place to be on a hot day, albeit that it can become pretty over crowded. 41 more words


Our Silences and precious freedom of speech.

My walk early this morning took me down to Ruocco Park, just north of Seaport Village. I wanted to check out something I saw on the news that looked really interesting. 243 more words

February: official WALKING month!


So what if it’s snowing? We’re still going!
Last week? Brrrrrrrrr! Maybe our coldest walk ever, but also a gorgeous day. We planned a couple of hours but, what with great conversation, beautiful sunshine, the need for photos and several pit-stops, the round trip was three hours (well spent, and in lovely company). 359 more words

West End YMCA

and ah-I would walk 8,000 steps

and ah-I would walk 8,000 more just to be the girl who walked 8,000 steps in grown up shoes …

So while everyone was figuring out how to synch their Jawbone / Fitbit to their phone I went and got a digital pedometer because I like to rock it like 1996 (I’m thinking about getting a pager too). 210 more words

Hola Amigos!

El finde pasado mi hermana y yo, nos lanzamos a visitar el famosísimo Nevado de Toluca en un tour organizado por una agencia de viajes ecoturística. 266 more words