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McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Comic Series 3 Rick Grimes Figure

Our latest Rick Grimes action figure features the main character of The Walking Dead as he appeared following the fall of the prison. After losing his new home, his right hand, his wife and even his newborn daughter to the Governor, a tougher, harsher Rick emerged from the rubble. 74 more words

Somebody has to change by @fionacmcqueen

Consequence of behaviour

Everett Julyan’s recent blog on kindness in the workplace got me thinking about society’s attitude towards health and how this impacts on those of us who work within NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

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Physical Health

20 August 2010 - walk jogging with Rae

• Exercise: 1169
• Consumed: 1493

At the crack of dawn, well eight O’clock, Rae and I set off for Riverside. She lives in Gosport which is flat as a pancake so, almost at once, she slowed to a walking pace which was good for me because I was wearing my walking shoes and, anyway, I was less than keen on the whole jog/walk thing. 315 more words

Weight Loss

Asiya is Starting to Walk

Asiya is 7 months old now and has been crawling for a while. She is also taking her first steps and starting to walk. She is making really good progress, although she really likes stairs. 8 more words


Out Of Step

I feel like I have forgotten to take my medication or that I’ve just started a new medication all of the time. It’s most obvious to me when I leave the house. 241 more words

Lifestyle Day One

So, today I started off with taking weight, BMI, and measurements. I will likely weigh in everyday, and take tape measurements every week on Monday. 388 more words


My Newest Friend

It’s now been 4 weeks (so it counts to me as a month, even though it might not technically be a month. We could pretend it’s, like, February or something.) since I took my unfortunate mid-summer slide down the stairs… 542 more words