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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un: Limping Gait

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was suffering from “discomfort,” state media reported in the first official acknowledgement of ill health. Kim, 31, the centerpiece of the isolated country’s propaganda, had earlier been seen… 177 more words

Progress & Running Shoes

I took the day off work and decided to do my gym session at 08:00 this morning. Today was also my weigh-in and measurements day. According to the scale I lost a whopping 2 kg’s (4.4 pounds) this past week, this definitely isn’t the norm but I’ll take it. 331 more words


Ambling in Ayutthaya

On our last day in Ayutthaya we decided to go on a wander our side of the river and see what we could find. Marching down the road like three keen beans we came across a sign for some Wats and despite the blazing sun melting us we continued to walk for around 20 minutes….soon enough we saw a pack of Dutch travellers speed past us on bicycles and we knew we needed to follow them…luckily the leader was wearing orange so we could see them in the distance as by now our energy levels were dwindling and we were what can only be described as three sweaty beasts. 502 more words


How I Came to Walking

I came to walking reluctantly. For many years I exercised by long distance running , and I wrongly thought running was the only way for me. 466 more words

Benefits Of Walking

Maybe something else for a change

I walked back home from work today. My mood was not that great so my head was hanging low. I was looking at my feet without a thought going through my head. 170 more words

H.A.T.E. Workouts

“I’m not a gym person. Period!” She announced boldly.

Rather than be put off I was rather excited. There’s nothing better than a client who knows what she will or won’t tolerate. 406 more words

Write On!

Fawley; oil, glass & saltmarsh


The number eight bus and Fawley village

On Tuesday it drizzled all day, the sky was grey and there was a distinct nip in the air.

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