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Viral Video: Kids React To Seeing Walkman For 1st Time

Walkman:  A portable cassette player with am/fm radio and headphone attachment.

Is this new to you or have you used one before?? These kids have never seen one and their reaction is priceless.  8 more words


[WATCH] Kids React To Walkman- Their Description Is Priceless

What is a walkman?

OK, I remember my first Walkman! My Grandmother took me to the Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin. We walked into the store and there it was…the first Sony Walkman. 53 more words


90s Rewind: Watch Kids React To A Walkman

WARNING: You may need to grab a glass of wine before watching this.

We all knew the time would come when the technology we grew up with would make it to the Smithsonian, but is that time really now?! 176 more words


See kids baffled by a Walkman

The other day I wrote about how far technology has come along and wrote a blog about Google Glass. Yesterday, I came across a video that is going viral online, which is a bunch of kids and some teens, at most age 14, asked if they knew what a walkman was. 263 more words

Kids React to Technology: Walkman

Pretty shocking considering cassette tapes were a huge part of my childhood. These kids will never learn the value of a good mix tape…and actual mix tape. 34 more words

Tech Tuesday

VIDEO: Kids React To The (Apparently Ancient) Sony Walkman.

WARNING: This Will Make You Feel Old.

This is a video of some adorable kids trying to figure out their new Sony Walkman. These children look like they’ve just been handed a piece of alien technology as they flip it around and try to figure out just how those things are supposed to work. 91 more words

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