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All In A Blink

Posting those pics of my acid wash jeans got me thinking about a little 80s nostalgia. The fashion, tv shows, music….after all I am a 1980s bumpkin. 121 more words



A few years ago, before iTunes came into our computers, I decided to spend some time re-assembling all the music I had in my youth from vinyl to digits. 368 more words

Κασέτες, γουόκμαν, game boy -10 vintage αντικείμενα που στα μάτια των παιδιών μοιάζουν... εξωγήινα [εικόνες]

Σε σύγχυση θα βρεθούν 10χρονα όταν αντικρίσουν ένα γουόκμαν ή μία γραφομηχανή. Ενώ μία δισκέτα αποθήκευσης δεδομένων θα τους μοιάζει με εξωγήινο αντικείμενο.

Το βίντεο και η βιντεοκασέτα θα τους φαίνονται αστεία.

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Solitary Listening

Jonathan L. Friedmann, Ph.D.

Music consumption has become increasingly individualized since the tale end of the nineteenth century. The commercialization of the gramophone in the late 1800s made it possible to experience music alone and without the aid of musicians. 407 more words


Xperia Updates: Walkman and Weather app

Sony has released their updates today (20:45 GMT+8) on their Walkman and Weather apps. It includes minor fixes and the ability to control such apps in your Sony smart-watch. 38 more words


Do I Want to Hear More? – Katrina and the Waves

Guitar Train Stop #2 in the new feature “Do I Want to Hear More?” listens to Katrina and the Waves. Similarly to the last stop about The Proclaimers, ( 376 more words


BoyA Weekend:   1954

“Hey Jimmie, I’m not getting a nibble. Let’s ride over to the river and see if anything is biting there. Then we can pedal on out to your grannie’s for some pie.” 335 more words