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Richmond Park

I never cease to be amazed every time I walk in the vast expanses of Richmond Park. I’m in a wilderness, yet I can see the City of London from here, some 12 miles away in the distance. 763 more words


The Guardian Wind

He walks across the road
Almost a run
Maybe even a sideways stroll
Encouraged by a wise and wonderful wayward wind.

Bears Rebellion 19/12/14

The WOW Factor

A couple of months ago I made a conscious decision to walk every day, even if it was just for a few miles.  Prior to that, I walked several days a week but on the other days, work and other commitments tended to eat away at the available time and I missed out.   804 more words


Midnight Walks

Rain falling softly,
causing a halo effect -
the world in bokeh. 26 more words


Winter sun

Got to catch it while you can in December.

Jack Russell