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PSTS Let's Play Killer7: Episode 01 - Does Something With the Blood

The start of a new series! The definitive Suda51 game, where seven mysterious assassins change places with each other at will while hunting down exploding cultists and using their blood to power up. Definitely a game for kids!

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Fightback Solutions

Chillingo Ltd company developed a unique very interesting Game, Fightback is a very interesting game App Store. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance. 130 more words


Starry Sky: After Winter

Kazuki Shiranui (CV: 中村 悠一) 

~After Story~
[それでも恥ずかしいです] [私ばっかり幸せですね] [そ、そうです……] [ごめんね!] [ いいですね!] [ もう1人になんてしないよ] [なら、安心ですね] [絶対に待ってます] [どういう意味ですか?] *Save Here*

Ending One – [私もごめんなさい] [当たり前じゃないですか] [大好きです] [私も、ずっと一緒にいたいです] [大丈夫ですよ] [私には一樹会長だけです] 60 more words

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PSTS Let's Play Xenoblade: Episode 33 - So Glad I Changed Clothes

“Would you take advice from a guy who’s obviously a master manipulator?” Jeff’s innocuous question comes back to haunt him when Shulk and company meet a giant who has been imprisoned for millennia. 15 more words

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**SPOILERS** Bonnie's Bake Sale Walkthrough

Part 1

Bonnie: I’ll help Quahog by having a bake sale! That’s how I raised money for Joe’s chin implant. That’s right, the most impressive part of him is fake. 94 more words

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

Here's a brand new episode of Mystery Let's Plays!

Let’s start off the week strong with a brand new episode of Mystery Let’s Plays Season 1!

For the previous episodes, click here.

So you’ve watched all the previous episodes hmm? 13 more words

**SPOILERS** The Road to Rebuilding Walkthrough

Part 1

Peter: Let’s use the money to rebuild the Swanson House to steal Joe’s cable. It’s better than buying boring stuff like health insurance. 269 more words

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff