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Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

By Michael Lewis – “I’m going to Goldman,” is still about as close as it gets in the real world to “I’m going to Harvard,” at least for the fiercely ambitious young person who is ambitious to do nothing in particular. 102 more words

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How Can The U.S. Military Serve A Criminal?........ | wchildblog

Source: Western JournalismThere has been much chatter recently in the press about how President Obama has ignored the recommendations and advice of his senior military leaders.Civilian control of the military is a bedrock principal of the… 331 more words

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Wall Street Still Hires Mostly White Men

Perhaps it’s no surprise, but first-year bankers at Wall Street’s biggest firms are a very white and male bunch.

An analysis by the data-driven recruiting firm Vettery found that nearly two thirds of entry-level bankers hired this year are white. 287 more words


Asian Stocks Retreat On Hong Kong Protest!!

Asian stocks are heading for their fourth day of losses as political protests in Hong Kong show no signs of abating and US consumer confidence unexpectedly fell. 377 more words


1 Oct 2014 - Added useful links to the Share Market GEMs web page

I originally wrote about Share Market GEMs (so-called Wall Street words of wisdom), back in 2010, and then more recently when I realised that too many of those infamous cliches are actually “furphies”, I updated the material to flag this. 47 more words

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What Happens After The Full Investigation?

I have seen several instances lately where Congress has called for a full investigation of accusations of governmental misconduct.  There has been Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting groups that are speaking out against government waste and abuse including Lois Lerner’s missing emails, Benghazi, abuses by Wall Street banks and the list goes on. 93 more words


Bursa Saham AS Ditutup Anjlok, Saham Energi Telah Turun 9,2 Persen, Krisis Hong Kong Menjadi Perhatian Investor

Bursa saham AS ditutup anjlok, memangkas keuntungan kuartalan ketujuh di Standard & Poor 500, saham-saham kecil dan energy merosot di tengah penurunan tak terduga dalam kepercayaan konsumen. 320 more words

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