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un agujero, una pared que tiembla…

Alejandra Pizarnik. Árbol de Diana (1962).

Santiago de la Ribera, Murcia, July 2014. 27 more words

Street Art / Arte Urbano

Jisr Al-Qadi Potter

 A potter at Jisr Al-Qadi, taken on print film by my wife in 1992 with a Nikon F3 and. 50 mm F1.4. We were touring through the Chouf just after New Year’s. 35 more words


The Twizzler...

This is the fourth part in a series of blog posts about my experiences in Latvia serving with Camp Hope a few weeks ago.

In my last post ( 666 more words


Interesting Program For Luxurious Modest Dining Area Wall Decor Suggestions by Decoration Themes

Intriguing Program For Luxurious Modest Dining Space Wall Decor Tips – via
I hope you ever hear about dining region, this image is the very best example of a charming contemporary dining space plans. 31 more words

8 Wall Murals For Producing You Really Feel Like Sleeping With Stars by Interior Design Blog

Inspirations / PIXERS’; Tips
8 Wall Murals for Producing You Feel Like Sleeping with Stars
by Joanna on Jun five, 2014 No Comments
We bet you would love to invite a star for a dinner (with breakfast)… So we have ready for you the terrific 8 tips on how to do this. 23 more words

Flowing Shadows

 Some shadows are thick; some are thin. Some are heavy; some are light. Some are dark; some are bright. Some flow fast; some flow slowly. Some are even nocturnal.