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Bloomin' Graphite Flower Bits

Considering printing these small pieces taken from larger drawings – like little round windows! What do you think?


...but what is it?





Simply the oddest vegetation I have ever seen.

It grew on a  stone wall and transported water from the top in rivulets. 

People were sitting on benches all around(I am assuming the smell had some sort of health benefits). 44 more words


There have been several quick power outages tonight and my computers are very cranky, locking up when doing innocuous things.  And earlier on Rhea got up onto the back wall in the corner and strolled a bit onto the back wall of the pool area.   166 more words


#863 - Kung Fu Fighting

I have many skills. Punchin’ stuff ain’t one of ‘em.

Sketch A Day

say goodbye to shame

There is no shame.
There is only God’s love.


Tired of carrying the weight of your actions on your shoulders?

Fed up with dragging your shame around behind you?

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The drive was calmer than it should have been.  We were merely catching up with Taker’s group, driving by farms and empty streets.  I had the displeasure of seeing Sacrifice make a new mask out of a cow, tearing it apart with her bare hands and covering herself in the blood. 1,124 more words


Normal Antique Wall Murals by Catalog Wishes

Normal antique wall murals is one particular of the most beloved sort in ornament a property. Are you 1 of human who select to redesign and decorate the stylish interior design and style? 31 more words