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Classic Diamond Designs in Wall, NJ: Timeless Appeal worth Every Carat

A diamond’s many shining qualities make this precious gemstone a fitting symbol to commemorate milestones—such as diamond jubilee, for instance. Classic diamond designs in Wall, NJ echo the same millennia-old fascination for this valuable stone and share the impact such a resilient piece of rock has had on human history and popular culture. 49 more words


A Beard For All Seasons: 2015 Calendar Of Beards by Stephanie Jarstad

Etsy Owner Stephanie Jarstad who created “The Twelve Beards Of Christmas“, is back with another bearded project – “A Beard for all Seasons, a calendar for 2015.” In this series, each month of the year is represented by a different holiday-decorated beard. 86 more words

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Easy DIY Oversized Letters for Walls and Shelves

I talked to an amazing woman today.  She and her husband live in the south of France and are restoring a home that was built in the 1440s. 832 more words


In Passing

I saw a sign on a business that read:



"We are always at the beginning of things, in the fragile moment that holds the power of life. We are always at the morning of the world."

I have this terrible habit of always feeling like I need to be in a hurry. Like that Alabama song. “I’m in a hurry to get things done.” It’s like I feel like there’s some pre-arranged time table for how I’m supposed to live my life, and I am terribly behind. 201 more words

Life In General

23 January 2015

Today I took a picture of some ceramics.


19 January 2015

Today I took a picture of a Talavera.