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West Coast Game Park Safari, OR

We made it to Oregon! Although most of the drive was foggy, when it cleared the view was breathtaking. The coast of Oregon is definitely a sight to see. 166 more words

Get out of Town: The Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington

While driving out to a camping spot in Oso last weekend, I passed by a sign with an arrow pointing to Kangaroos.  I certainly wasn’t in Australia, so at the campsite a friend and I decided to do a Google search for kangaroos in Arlington, and found out about… 473 more words


Prompt #4 - That's not a writer. THIS is a writer.

It is Christmastime in Australia. All the kangaroos are wearing red Santa Claus caps as per tradition. How do you, as a wallaby with dyslexia and a prosthetic leg, decorate your forest home? 8 more words


Holiday photos - Paphos Zoo

Some more photos from my holiday in Paphos, Cyprus, June 2013.

Martin Shone

It's bare at The Writer's Room.

I took this in Ipswich yesterday, it’s outside a house near the hospital. For those who don’t know, all the orange is a Pyrestega vine. Hint, never grow one near where you run horses, they’ll eat all the flowers. 315 more words

Toddler Bag

I thought about labeling this post, Carry it Yourself, but that sounds a little harsh. What I mean to say is that Wallaby is 20 months old today! 266 more words


Australian Rock Wallaby

Alice Springs, Australia, a hot, dry, somewhat insestual city where a sense of direction is not necessary. It is dusk and I am descending a mountain ridge that takes watch across the city’s south. 124 more words

Digitally Done