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How to Fish Walleye

If you have never fished for walleye, here are two tips to get you started.

1. Slow down!!! Most people are excellent bass & pike fishermen, but walleye fishing can be frustrating if you are looking for fast or top water action. 822 more words

Walleye Fishing

Barometric Pressure

The effect of barometric pressure on fishing feeding activity is one of the more interesting theories. In short,  the theory proposes that a dropping air pressure brings on feeding activity, rising pressure turns the fish off feeding, high pressure results in the fish moving to shallower water, and low pressure results in fish moving to deeper water. 801 more words

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Swimbaits for Walleye

If you’re looking to land big walleye and prefer casting over trolling, swimbaits are one of the best baits going to accomplish this goal. When other anglers are working small, twister tail jigs with a vertical finesse approach, casting a swimbait can boat you plenty of fish. 827 more words

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Working the Boat for Walleye

Presentation is a key component when chasing walleye. If your lure or bait is not positioned at the correct angle, depth or speed, your chances for success are greatly diminished. 1,047 more words

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Top Five Walleye Fishing Tips


1. Jig and Live Bait Combination
What can I say? More walleyes have likely been caught on a jig and live bait presentation than all other lures and baits combined. 1,012 more words

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All dedicated walleye anglers seek to catch a 10+ lb. walleye, considered by many, a once-in-a-lifetime prize catch. To accomplish this task one must recognize the variety of waters that yield big walleye, using the proper fishing presentations and fishing the best times of the year which increase your chances of landing that trophy walleye. 1,135 more words

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Oh, Those Walleye.....

Walleye are one of North America’s most sought after game fish, prized for their spirited battle and great eating. But, they’re a real challenge to catch. 930 more words

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