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Understated Pattern & Color in a Powder Room

Nothing flashy going on here, just classic style and a restrained color pallet, making a nice update to a powder room that has not been changed since the 1980’s. 37 more words

Some New Wallpapers and Opinions

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I think this is my best work. What it shows is not exactly the One in the many vs. the many in the One, as per Manija, but at this stage of His Manifestation it’s more like the One expanded into the many, and the many included in the One. 479 more words

Meher Baba

Practical Life Lessons

As part of her Birthday present, K asked for her bedroom to be re-decorated.The girls and I managed the painting on our own (and they did most of it), but K wanted a feature wall with wallpaper – not something I am good at! 62 more words


Two Of Hearts

If that title does not immediately have you singing the legendary Stacey Q song, then you need to stop reading and click on the link.   It will make you day better. 564 more words

al-Anfal 28

al-Anfal 28: And know that your properties and your children are but a trial and that Allah has with Him a great reward.

- http://quran.com/8… 11 more words


Amazing Game Boy smartphone wallpaper brings out the Nintendo fanboy in us all

Despite the fact that kids today don’t seem to fully appreciate the simple perfection that is the original Game Boy, there is something about that brick-sized grey piece of plastic that can instantly remind almost any 20- or 30-something video game enthusiast of our early gaming days basking in the dull green glow of the monochrome LCD screen. 273 more words