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Unrestrained Selfishness

In all my years of volunteerism for positive outcomes, I have encountered opposing points of view and votes that didn’t go my way. But never have I witnessed acts of belligerent defiance like those that have occurred since the barricades were put up to stop the plague of cut-through traffic in our neighborhood. 287 more words

The Community is Already Noticing a Difference

This writer received the following message from a Walnut Grove resident:

It is a great sense of neighborhood to have a little quiet on 29th Street as I’m sure it is on 26th Street as well. 

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An Atmosphere of Calm and Connectivity

What a difference it makes to subtract noise, traffic and disrespectful behavior from a community’s environment.

Yesterday, the City of South Bend installed barricades on 27th Street, effectively ending 90% of the “cut-through” traffic that has plagued Walnut Grove for decades.  276 more words

More from the Delta

A selection from a recent trip to the Sacramento Delta towns of Locke and Walnut Grove. Late afternoon light on the old store fronts and shops made them glow with color and texture. 90 more words


Living the American Dream

Walnut Grove is the latest of my rather rare impulse buys, I was perusing the selection of a game store in Helsinki when I noticed this had been recently added to their clearance shelf.   1,071 more words

Board Game

Let the Countdown Begin!

We received word from Kara Boyles, Deputy Director at the Board of Public Works that we can expect for Type III barricades to go up next Tuesday, November 18th.  47 more words

The Walnut Grove Meetup

I had been to Walnut Grove a couple of times (like, literally twice) before Zomato‘s latest Foodie Meetup, and loved it. It came across as a more mature atmosphere where people talk quietly and everything is really formal. 700 more words

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