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Walnut sauce - Italian Pasta Recipe - Part 3

This walnut sauce is the perfect topping for Italian pasta Pansotti.

How to make walnut sauce 


10-15 shelled walnuts

1-2 clove garlic

2-3 slices of stale bread without crusts… 87 more words


Pansotti Pasta Filling - Italian Pasta Recipe - Part 2

How to make pansotti filling


500 g ricotta cheese

1 kg boiled green vegetables: spinach, chard, borage (= 5 kg raw vegetables)

1-2 clove Italian garlic… 77 more words


Italian Pasta Recipe: Ligurian Pansotti

As promised in this blog post, here you can find a recipe we learned during our team building week-end in Liguria!

How to make Ligurian Pansotti… 287 more words