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The summer Californian weather was nigh unbearable inside the central headquarters of the Walt Disney Corporation. A building composed out of nothing but crystal walls and the most basic of frames seemed like a great idea at the time; yet, come 2010, global warming quickly transformed such modern mess into a frying rectangle of doom. 1,954 more words


Daisy Dukes: Steamboat Willie (1928)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s public debut and the 1st cartoon with synchronized sound.

Fun Fact: Disney, himself, provided every voice heard here.

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Daily Post: Day 13: Making a Difference

Daily Tip: “Believe that you can make a difference, and you will.”  (Britt Nicole)

“You’ve got to believe…” we’ve all heard it before.  Believe this and believe that… stay away from this and don’t think about that – but no one really tells us that people who have made a difference in this world got there through… 90 more words

Big World

Disney Declares a Banks Day


You can’t expect a movie about Walt Disney to be critical of Walt. And, surely, you can’t expect a movie about the making of… 328 more words

Movie Reviews

Europe sucks!

I haven’t been there, but if there is one place I hate, it’s Europe. Why so judgmental, you might say?

Let’s review:

  1.  People in France are rude and think they’re better than everybody.
  2. 830 more words

Walt Disney's secret to success

Walt Disney called the process of giving added value “plussing.” His idea was to add value to a trip to a Disney theme park, a movie or anything else Disney produced. 513 more words