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“And they lived happily ever after…” - What Enlightenment has in common with Walt Disney Princesses

As a person who used to live for the future and not the present, I have always found the question of what happens after “enlightenment”, or what happens when you have reached a state of awareness one of the most important ones. 894 more words


10 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney World

Opening it’s gates in 1971, the famed Walt Disney World theme park turns 43 years old today.

  1. Debuting in 1975, Space Mountain was the first attraction to open at Walt Disney World before Disneyland Park.

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This Map Shows That Disney World Has Grown Like Crazy

A few decades ago, it was incredible to imagine a theme park surpassing the size and scope of California’s Disneyland — but Walt Disney World, which opened on this day, Oct. 264 more words

Tinkerbell Cupcake Toppers

Tinkerbell is another one of my favorites. I love how fiery she is! She never gives up and she doesn’t back down.

I decided to sit down and play with my Cricut for a little and make some Tinkerbell cupcake toppers. 265 more words


Week 8: Copyright or Copyleft? Exploring, Debating, and Hating Intellectual Property Laws

Like politics and religion, copyright is pervasive, debated, and entrenched in our global society. To expand, its existence operates as a “legal concept, enacted by most governments through associated copyright laws, giving the creator of intellectual property specific rights” (Curtin University, 2014). 1,221 more words


Quotable Tuesdays: Inspirational Quotes To Write Every Day

To my fellow readers… this is a tad late because I am currently in Los Angeles, what what! Note that I will try my best in writing as much as I can… but I am on a sunny Cali vacay :)278 more words

Vivian Choi

June 2014 Trip Report Overview

I know what you’re thinking. “Today is the last day of September and you took your trip in June, right?” Yup.

I’m pretty sure July got sucked into a black hole. 471 more words

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