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The Warriors

Awwww man, This film’s got the groove to make me wanna get down with my bad self, Dawg. O.k. to all the readers not offended by that textual impersonation of James Brown, lets continue. 599 more words

Last man standing (1996)

This movie has been discussed a lot by film fanatics because it’s one of them movies with a story that has been retold over and over from Akira Kuroshawa’s… 314 more words


The Driver

Director and Writer: Walter Hill. Cast: Ryan O’Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani. Studio: Canal. Release date: 1978

Car chases, bank robberies, and cold stares make up the majority of this cult classic. 373 more words


Retro Review: STREETS OF FIRE (1984)

In which I pay tribute to Walter Hill’s 1984 action/musical masterpiece.

Read the full Review over at Nerd Bastards (Originally Published 3/28/14).


Southern Comfort 1981

Writer and director Walter Hill specialised in terse, violent genre films; his 1981 film Southern Comfort is one of his best. A group of National Guardsmen in Louisiana circa 1973 fall foul of the native Cajun people, and a war of wits and attrition takes place on the hostile swamplands. 68 more words

You Tube

The Baron, The Warriors, and a Big Fan

March 10, 2014 progress: 3 movies.

1) The Adventures of Baron Münchausen (1988)

Directed by Terry Gilliam and loosely based on the historical Baron Münchausen, an 18th century German nobleman and notorious teller of tall tales.   785 more words

Daily Progress

Nicolas Winding Refn and the Construction of a Stable Masculinity: Part I

This is the first post in a series looking at how Nicolas Winding Refn constructs a stable notion or approach to masculinity in his films. This series is based on the first draft of the second chapter of my Master’s thesis, titled… 3,567 more words

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