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13 september

gårDagens kvinna: Ann Mann

På en kyrkogård i London finns en gravsten med texten:
“Here lies Ann Mann,
Who lived an old maid
But died an old Mann… 31 more words


10 september

gårDagens kvinna: Jean Armour Burns (1765-1834)

Robert Burns hade många kvinnor, men Jean var hans enda hustru. De gifte sig när han var 29 och hon 22, men hennes far vägrade erkänna äktenskapet. 360 more words


Happy Hooligan: A Trip To The Moon

So, back in the first third of the 20th century, the cartoonist Frederick Burr Opper created a comic strip featuring a hobo named Happy Hooligan. I admit knowing the name mostly because it was one of those archaic references occasionally passed down from my father or old cartoons or the like. 134 more words


More Urban Legends

An urban legend is not necessarily one that occurs in the city, or an urban landscape.  It is actually any modern folk tale that people narrate to scare each other or warn each other, or just entertain each other, as opposed to an ancient folktale that our ancestors heard around the hearth on a cold and windy night.  473 more words