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The 11th movie is Charade.

This movie is a suspense,romance,comedy and thriller. It has a bit of everything and really leaves you in suspense til the end of the film. 69 more words

Audrey Hepburn

Ride a Crooked Trail

Anyone who has been a regular, or even occasional, visitor to this site will be aware of my fondness for westerns of the 1950s. And even a cursory glance through the various pieces I’ve written on these movies will reveal a particular term that crops up again and again – redemption. 1,152 more words


Daniel el travieso - 1993

La pelicula Daniel el travieso (1993) online: Daniel es un niño muy agradable y muy inteligente, travieso e inquieto como todo niño, que continuamente está metido en líos, unas veces de forma intencionada y otras por puro accidente. 12 more words

The Odd Couple

In this quirky 60s comedy, two men whose marriages have recently ended live together as they get back on their feet. This don’t go to plan, however, as domesticated Felix (Jack Lemmon) starts to aggravate Oscar (Walter Matthau) who prefers a more relaxed approach to housekeeping. 243 more words


Pic of the Day: "Andrew Johnson" revisited

Our pic of the day today takes another look at the Profiles in Courage episode “Andrew Johnson”. It was first broadcast on February 28, 1965. Timothy is a ruffian by the name of Hartwick, the leader of a gang of disgruntled torch-bearing voters out to intimidate President Andrew Johnson ( 56 more words

Timothy Carey

Dennis (1993) Guest Review

aka Dennis The Menace

This review for the John Hughes Blogathon comes from Rob of Movie Rob. Yes, Rob again! I’m a terrible host. I’ve only reviewed four Hughes films so far. 406 more words


The Elvis Movie Awards

What if the “Elvis movie” genre had its own awards show? Take a walk down the sepia carpet into. . . the edge of reality. 161 more words

The Mystery Train Blog