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Kotch (1971)

Jack Lemmon only directed one film during his award winning career. Wouldn’t you just know that the actor he cast in the lead role was his frequent costar and longtime friend Walter Matthau. 409 more words

Daily Take

3 things about Joseph Sargent's THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

1. “How the hell can you run a goddamn railroad without swearing?”
2. He grabs another bundle from the body on the way out.
3. Smoke under the collar.

Pic of the Day: "Andrew Johnson" revisited

We close the week with another look at the Profiles in Courage episode “Andrew Johnson”. It first aired on February 28, 1965. Hartwick is the leader of a band of disgruntled malcontents bent on harassing President Andrew Johnson ( 37 more words

Timothy Carey

3 things about Don Siegel's CHARLEY VARRICK

Charley Varrick

1. Cameo as a losing ping pong player.
2. A $500 sucker.
3. “I like your bed. You may find this hard to believe but I’ve never slept on a round bed.” 23 more words

The Bad News Bears (1976) Movie Review

Much like Cape Fear, Bad News Bears is a film that’s embedded into American pop culture.  Whether it be through its 2005 remake or that episode of South Park called “The Losing Edge” which also involved little league baseball, or the fact that the overall plot of the Bad News Bears is like a cheeseburger variation.   1,086 more words

Movie Reviews

What Is This Charade?

So, there we were watching 1980’s Hopscotch, the non-sequel that reunited 1978’s House Calls stars Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson in the same way that 1979’s… 3,230 more words

2014 Richard Linklater Film Festival - Day 7 - Bad News Bears (2005)

Billy Bob Thornton is really funny. He was a revelation in Bad Santa. Who knew back in 1996 when the Arkansas native earned raves for directing, writing and starring in… 481 more words

2014 Richard Linklater Film Festival