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2014 Richard Linklater Film Festival - Day 7 - Bad News Bears (2005)

Billy Bob Thornton is really funny. He was a revelation in Bad Santa. Who knew back in 1996 when the Arkansas native earned raves for directing, writing and starring in… 481 more words

2014 Richard Linklater Film Festival

My Fellow Americans (1996)

When it comes to comedy, nothing works better than a couple of “old” pros who know the genre. We get just that when Jack Lemmon and James Garner begrudgingly join forces as ex presidents. 455 more words

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Tweepstake 2014 - Day 20

147! No, not snooker. That’s the number of goals scored so far in the World Cup. The total number of goals at the end of the 2010 World Cup was only 145. 392 more words


Close-Up: Bigger Than Life (1956)

Into the world of social conformity and conservativism that came to define 1950s, middle-class America comes Nicholas Ray’s Bigger Than Life, a powerful film that challenges the social mores of the “Leave It to Beaver” decade. 427 more words


John Dillon. Lisa Madigan blames the unions.

- John Dillon is a retired teacher, activist and publishes Pension Vocabulary.

In the opening of A New Leaf, one of my favorite Walter Matthau films, an angry and non-repentant Matthau is castigating his financial advisor for a bounced check, one that has made the one-percenter Matthau look like “some kind of indigent.” His advisor tries cautiously to explain to Matthau that he has been overspending his inheritance annuity for the last so many years, and he has now exhausted his capital. 146 more words

John Dillon

Cold Hands, Green Heart: A New Leaf Revisited



Elaine May directed a handful of movies, and all of them went out of budgetary control. Her first, most successful film, taken out of her editing hands, was shortened by half its length. 256 more words

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1963, directed by Stanley Donen
Starring: Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant
Best Quote: “Come on man, look; my mama didn’t raise no stupid children.”

Picture Audrey Hepburn, here known as Reggie, swathed in Givenchy, sitting outside a ritzy resort on a snowy mountain, her breath coming out in cold puffs. 320 more words