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"He knew at once what was happening..."

Note: This post is the thirty-ninth installment in my author’s commentary for City of Exiles, covering Chapter 38. You can read the earlier installments  863 more words


Film Editing Education: Rules (or Guidelines)

“I want to be an Editor!” I remember my young self saying those words proudly on my first day of Film School. It might have been because of the fascination I had towards the equipment (I had the unusual chance to experience tape-to-tape editing during my childhood and the rise of ‘affordable’ NLE’s created an entire new world for me to explore). 853 more words


”The editor is the ombudsman for the audience, and has too put himself in their shoes as much as possible.”



The evolution of cinema; the battle between celluloid and digital.

The old wise master and the young padwaan upstart.

This is a new world, as it changes and technology grows the facilities become clearer, improved, maybe not with the exact quality as the original but with freedom to do more, just differently. 325 more words



At last week’s National Spelling Bee, many observers noted a small but telling change that says a lot about the shifting role of technology in the lives of kids. 883 more words