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I’m No Walter White

I may have just committed a crime.

I scored some Sudafed last night, and I’m kind of expecting a visit from a DEA agent.

I’ve had a cold and I believe my cold remedy purchases have exceeded the legal limit. 734 more words

The Five Stages Of Finding Something To Watch On Netflix.

We’ve all been there.  You fire up Netflix, and you’re in the mood to watch something entertaining.  Now the only obstacle in your way is actually finding it.   521 more words


Watch: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Rap in This Breaking Bad Mashup

What’s up, Bay Area! Danica here.

With the debut of Better Call Saul just around the corner and the release of the “Yo Bitch” app from Aaron Paul, this video is sure to add to your Breaking Bad spirit. 149 more words


TV Forgiveness

For the most part, Breaking Bad implies that forgiveness can seem like a good idea, but one has to decide whether the act of forgiving will be a relief or an exposure to future threats.

872 more words

Breaking Bad's Gus Fring is suited up for delivery come February

The sadistic southwestern U.S. meth don from AMC’s Breaking Bad is known within the series for being both a powerful drug distributor and a cool, collected restaurant chain owner. 175 more words


Who’s in it?
Paddington Bear, Nicole Kidman, Doctor Who and that cunt from Downton Abbey.

In a nutsack
Talking Peruvian bear hitches a ride to London in order to forge a career as a panpipe wanker busking on the underground. 557 more words

Top 20 Favourite TV Shows


1. Hannibal

Mind games. Spooky atmosphere, nice adaption. 

2. House

Had its run of bad and good seasons. Finished well, house is an amazing character. 237 more words