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Gender Gap

Check out this great little article by Walter Williams on the ridiculousness of Obama’s relentless war against the pay discrepancy between men and women.

Walter Williams


Republicans and Conservatives Aren't Waging a War on Women, Except When They Are

On March 25, 2014, Walter Williams devoted his WND column to “The Left’s Bizarre Arguments.” He began with this reductio ad absurdum fallacy:

Some statements and arguments are so asinine, you’d have to be an academic or a leftist to take them seriously.

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The Poverty Pimps' Poem

Sometime during my social work doctoral education at Indiana University, a disenchanted PhD student introduced me to the term “poverty pimp.”  The general meaning seemed to be that we future social work professors were training to make a good living from the poor.   801 more words

Social Work

What It Will Take To See True Reformation?

 Several times I have pointed out that if the People want to reform government and return to constitutional law, society needs to reform itself first. 1,907 more words

Constitutional Crisis

Photo Ethics for Bloggers; Celebrity Pastors; Atheist Stupidity?; New Calvinism; Laws of Logic; etc

Weekend Links

“Celebrity Pastors” has been a topic all over the internet. Kevin DeYoung offers some wise words in the post below and the article on Photo Ethics for Bloggers is telling and helpful. 348 more words


To Be Dead Or Not To Be Dead

Some people firmly believe in zombies, some don’t. Either way we know when someone is supposed to be dead. When no one can find a pulse it’s time for the death certificate to be filled out. 95 more words

Strange Accidents

Two Weeks After Waking Up In Body Bag, Man Dies

by Mark Memmott

Walter Williams, the 78-year-old man from Mississippi who two weeks ago “came back to life once he was put on an embalming table,” has died. 327 more words

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