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Part 2--More About Secession the "History" Books Haven't Told Us

by Al Benson Jr.

It has been accurately asserted by author Gene H. Kizer Jr. that: “The arguments for the right of secession are unequivocal. There is the constitutional right based on the Compact Theory, and the revolutionary right based on the idea that a free people have a right to change their government anytime they see fit. 850 more words

Best practice for queueing events in WPF

I have a WPF (MVVM) project where I have multiple view models, each with a button that launches different analyses on the same data source, which in this case is a file. 151 more words


The Rahn Curve, the Laffer Curve, and Walter Williams

What’s the relationship between the Rahn Curve and the Laffer Curve?

For the uninitiated, the Rahn Curve is the common-sense notion that some government is helpful for prosperous markets but too much government is harmful to economic performance. 686 more words

Fiscal Policy

3 Reasons Why Socialism Is Bad

I am tired of telling people why redistributive or “socialist” economic policies are wrong. But let me start from the beginning once more and come at it from a different angleā€”or, really, three different angles. 718 more words

Rand and Walter Don't See Eye to Eye

by Al Benson Jr.

After having watched Rand Paul, who is supposed to be the conservative of all conservatives, of late, I’m not exactly sure where he is going. 1,156 more words

What sense does it make to put pink lungs in the ground ?

One more word about organ selling before I return to my comfort zone and talk about Brownian motion in Lie groups. Selling living human organs is repugnant, in part because the sellers cause damage to their bodies out of desperation. 50 more words