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Best of MSPreps: Honorable mention football


Jack Abraham, Oxford

Juwan Adams, North Pike

Wyatt Boothe, Cathedral

Ladarius Carpenter, Pearl

Booker T. Chambers, Center Hill

Julian Conner, Hattiesburg

Timorris Conner, Noxubee County… 388 more words


Defense Against Demagogues by Walter Williams

A lesson from Economics 101 from libertarian economics professor Walter Williams.

Dr. Williams’ message here is that greed is good. However, when greed is left unchecked, the resulting concentration of wealth allows the oligarchy to rig the system, using government legislation to legally steal from the rest of us. 716 more words

"Multiculturalists argue that different cultural values are morally equivalent. That's nonsense." ~Walter Williams

Is multiculturalism a failure. Walter Williams makes a good case that some cultures (namely the West) are superior. Some elites will cringe at the idea but read on. 157 more words


Ending Racial Bigotry

   By Bob Shapiro

We’ve had a double standard on race in this country for most of its history. First there was slavery, then there was sharecropping, and later there was the KKK and all sorts of disgusting discrimination. 518 more words

Should Profiling Be Banned? - Walter E. Williams

Walter Williams offers some great thoughts on profiling. I always appreciate his logic. Of course, he is an economist.

There’s little-noticed racial profiling in medicine. Some racial and ethnic groups have a higher incidence of mortality from various diseases than the national average.

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