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Waltzing Matilda (cover)

I first learned this almost as a joke to tease an Aussie friend I met on a music Reddit sub, but it’s such a fun song I knew I had to learn it all. 74 more words

All Kinds Of Reasons

Waltzing in Toronto

What am I talking about? This gorgeous 12″ Waltzing Matilda block! Which is perfectly square. Unfortunately, our camera’s lens wants to add a curve to everything. 465 more words


Waltzing Matilda and hot German backpacker

I’M 500 kilometres from Mount Isa when I wake in a motel room in Winton, central Queensland. Plenty of time to make  it to the Irish Club at 7pm for the work Christmas party. 712 more words


Down Under with Chord/Melody Ukulele - "WALTZING MATILDA" - Arranged by Ukulele Mike Lynch

Waltzing Matilda” is Australia’s most widely known bush ballad. A folk song, the song has been referred to as “the unofficial national anthem of Australia”. 327 more words

Waltjim Bat Matilda

I talk a lot about various Indigenous nations, and, along with their glorious art, increasingly their fabulous words and names frequent the blog. As they rightfully should. 698 more words

Mental Meandering

Bringing New Life to Australian Classics

There are many songs that define Australians. Waltzing Matilda. I Still Call Australia Home. Down Under. They have been around for years, hold a special place in our hearts and are compulsory listening for every Australian – but occasionally they can feel out of date. 461 more words


Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…

• Describe one of your reading habits.
• Tell us what book(s) you recently bought for yourself or someone else, and why you chose that/those book(s). 775 more words