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"Use the Straws, Luke"

One of my favourite parts of being involved in amateur theatre was the make-up side of things.

I would sit, somewhat impatiently, while the Queen of Make-up covered my face in thick foundation. 855 more words


On: Damper

by Dahni

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Today, I had intended to share our experience with The Camden Show on Saturday April 5th, 2014, here in Camden NSW Australia. 1,116 more words

The Gathering Place

On: Waltzing Matilda

 Waltzing Matilda
Australian unofficial National Anthem
Lyrics by
A.B. Paterson

 Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong,
Under the shade of a Coolibah tree, 485 more words

The Gathering Place

Waltzing Matilda - history of a song

Waltzing Matilda, first lyrics were written 1895 in Australia, the title is not related to a dance and not related to a woman. Matilda was the name for a bag on the back of wandering shepherds. 168 more words

Questions About "Waltzing Matilda" Answered

When I decided to call my blog Waltzing More Than Matilda, I wasn’t prepared for the number of people who would come here searching to find out more about the name Matilda. 1,225 more words


A Song for RD & the Rest of my Aussie Friends

Was listening to this song on the way home and I thought of Australia. I’ve never been, and that’s a damn shame, darlings.

Tomorrow I think I’ll post some Tom Waits music, but for now, here’s a lullaby for all my friends down under (I’m sure the rest of you will enjoy it, too.)


Waltzing Matilda ...

Not sure if this is Western or not … I just found it darn interesting:

Paterson’s “Waltzing Matilda”
by Steve King

From Today in Literature: 514 more words
A. B. Paterson