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Out of Step and Introspective

The Centre of Alternative Technology (CAT) had been a desired location for decades. Not only was it in Wales, a place I’d only visited once as a child and wanted more of, I had dreamed of learning to build houses and eco loos at CAT for years, of living communally and sustainably in peace, of dancing naked around the fire… Finally I was going, and I was going to stay as part of a group. 962 more words

AT&T Sued by Federal Trade Commission for Limiting "Unlimited" Data

AT&T Sued by Federal Trade Commission for Limiting “Unlimited” Data.

See http://TinyURL.com/p3oregd




the dark

My home network is not so afraid of the dark

I have no guarantee of absolute protection from zero-day threats, but no one does. 404 more words


Tips for Speeding Up Internet Service at the Local Area Network

1. Identify and remove all 10/100 Mbps devices and cabling from the Local Area Network.

2. If a 10/100 Mbps device must remain, then put it on the shortest possible cable length to whatever it must connect to. 498 more words


wan connection types

Dedicated / Leased Lines

  • Point to point dedicated links usually CSU/DSU between routers at each end
  • Typical layer 2 protocols: PPP, HDLC, SLIP
  • Typical connections: synchronous serial…
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Redes e Protocolo

Falemos agora de redes e protocolos! :)

  • Rede: 

    • Conjunto de nós (equipamentos) ligados entre sí por canais de transmissão como cabos e wireless (rede sem fios)
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