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The Unified Cloud WAN

Prior to the cloud era, most business information stayed on the corporate WAN. But now more corporate data traffic is going over the internet to sites like Salesforce.com, Dropbox and AWS. 412 more words


Zetta No-Appliance Cloud Backup now supports Full Image Backup

Zetta has been offering a different kind of cloud-based backup since their inception five years ago. Their “direct-to-cloud” backup solution doesn’t use any hardware on-site, just their software which runs on application servers and file servers in the data center. 446 more words


Router general configuration

Wireless settings

In most cases, the only things you need to change here are SSID, Authentication Method, and the WPA Pre-Shared Key (or similar). 874 more words

Tips & Hints

VPN 101: Facts Your Might Not Know Yet

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network that uses encryption that enables IP traffic to travel securely over the TCP/IP network.

While surfing the net, I have read some VPN Facts and compiled them. 216 more words

Benefits Of VPN

RockStar: How you can improve GTA

Despite RockStars best efforts; and some fantastic innovation; GTA V has been somewhat a swing and a miss. It isn’t that it’s a bad game per se, so much as it could be better, a lot better. 869 more words


Andrea Wan - Shattering Illustrations

Andrea Wan is a visual artist born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver and now based in Berlin, Germany. Wan who has exhibited all over the globe has a beautiful graphic & surreal aesthetic.



I have won the battle to return internet service to my desktop.

In case any of you need to know – if you are connecting a secondary router inline from a primary router, ensure that the incoming line to the secondary router goes to a LAN port, not the WAN port and it will behave like a bridge connection instead of an actual router, you can then connect PC’s directly to the secondary router.