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WAN - Episode 19 - Heartbleed Bug

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Today we talk about the iOS 7 adoption rate, announcement of Mailbox for OS X, new Bollywood Your Verse page, how the “Heartbleed” bug affected Apple, iPhone 6 cases surface, and much more. 54 more words


What is WAN?

What is a WAN?

A wide area network (WAN) is a geographically dispersed telecommunications. The term distinguishes a broader telecommunication structure from a local area network (LAN). 806 more words

Frame Relay

Bandwidth Rush – A Marketing Company’s Perspective

In any industry you think of today, applications are changing the way people access media, handle a variety of transactions, and connect with friends, family and business associates.  665 more words

Technology & Infrastructure

Dynamic WAN Failover With IP SLA ICMP Test on HP Networking

Recently I had to make use of the SLA service in order for a border router to choose between two identical service providers’ uplinks for backup reasons. 25 more words

WAN - Episode 18 - WWDC 2014 Announced!

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Today we talk about the launch of Amazon’s Fire TV, the announced date of WWDC 2014, launch of iAd Workbench, cellular iPad Air and iPad mini launch in China, and much more. 42 more words


Exam Questions continued

List four items of hardware that would be used on a typical local area network:

  • Client computers
  • Main file server
  • Router
  • WiFi modem

Describe the advantage of using a wide area network to share information for: 58 more words

Exam Questions

Describe 3 benefits to TechMed2014 of using a computer network to share information in a hospital?

  • The staff and the patients of the hospital can all access information about the patients…
  • 71 more words