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This blog is about the life and adventures of me: a 20-something woman living in Denver. I will be the star of my own story, though I assure you, I am no star. 207 more words


"The Bean" or a Cloud Gate


Pictured above: The famous Chicago Bean….but did you know that’s not its real name? It’s actually called the Cloud Gate because it reflects the beautiful skyline of the Windy City…interesting right? 24 more words


Saigon through my taste buds (part 1)

Waking up after a mere four hours of sleep, I dragged my legs through the busy sidewalk of Truong Dinh Street for a decent breakfast. Right around the corner of a crowded intersection stood a small Hu Tieu shop with people huddled around plastic tables along the wall of a rather old house, sipping the clear broth. 117 more words



spent a little time wandering in the garden tonight…

the hibiscus was quite lovely…

still waiting to see if the baby’s breath is going to smell – like urine… 102 more words


Welcome to “Life is Wanderlust.”

Let me start off by first explaining the name, and this is where my teacher/literary studies colors will show, because I’m going to give you three definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary. 727 more words


Movie Monday: a nomad's life

Well time to sell it all, buy a plane ticket, pack your bike, boots, or whatever other form of transportation you like and hit the open road. 34 more words


physical awareness ~ day seven

this is the last day of my physical awareness lesson, tomorrow i move onto the breath…and a new happy birthday video…hmmm, whose birthday is tomorrow i wonder!? 185 more words