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I got nothing.

Today was a day.

Not good nor bad.

Just a day.

When I was not in class, my mind was elsewhere.

Visiting with friends we haven’t seen in years. 85 more words

Daily Thought

Off the Coast.. : Thoughts unexpressed

It’s unfortunate how we sometimes choose to keep our thoughts and feeling to ourselves. Sure they say some things are better left unsaid but.. I don’t know. 220 more words


Here and now, ‘I love my busy mind’

This week a friend and I were commiserating about our inability to calm our minds. Coincidentally, the next day another friend posted this on Facebook: 499 more words

65 Plus

Mantra and the Monkeys

A young man was very much interested in the esoteric, in the mysterious. He found a saint who was known to have many secrets, but it was very difficult to get any secret from him. 719 more words


Day 44 - On Crutches...

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

Yesterday, I injured my left knee.  I was playing a recreational game of basketball and my knee gave out.  It was something that I had not physically experienced to date… it was a scary and surreal moment.   450 more words


"I feel I'm falling deeper everyday"- Resources for Reducing Distractions

I’m constantly distracted. It’s getting old and 2015 seems like the perfect time to change. Here’s five great sources full of tips and tricks.

1. … 111 more words

Day 35 - past, Present, and future.

a NEW year.

A year is the psychological marker delineating extended periods of time that have an intimate relevance in a single human lifetime.  At midnight tonight, in whatever geographically defined time zone you presently exist, the calendar year will reset and start anew.   379 more words