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Oh, how the mind can wander.
It can wander down streets
and stumble through alleyways.
It can wander through rivers and brooks
and get caught in a current… 16 more words



After all the fears, I’m back home.

All the emotions for going, some for returning, and the most surprising thing is that returning… Is the simplest thing of them all. 502 more words

Wandering Mind

Lesson at the Bedside of our Elders

The dust is settling…

literally.  The roofers are finishing up today and maybe tomorrow.  My father returned home from the nursing facility and I just know, my mother will return home soon.   1,098 more words

Wandering Mind

Does Your Mind Ever Get in the Way?

Isn’t this a good question? Made you think, huh?  

My mind never shuts off, but I try to ignore it (sometimes) when I can.  My favorite times are when I get lost in laughter and am not thinking about how to solve problems or to coordinate schedules. 553 more words

Wandering thoughts, surprising finds.

It’s beautiful, it’s warm, and I’m reflecting on where my life is headed and where I’ve come from.

Then I wonder how you are. What’s new with you? 100 more words


I am sitting in a large clean white room surrounded by the cacophony of the keyboard clicks, phone calls and low tune conversations. It is fascinating and scary at the same time.I have always been a bit cautious about eavesdropping, not only because it is generally impolite, but also because it is potentially psychologically very dangerous for a person with vivid imagination. 573 more words

Tending Elders and Raising Young Children

I have been emotional.  I weep inside and out and the rain it echos me.

My tears come with the ache and joy of an open heart and eye towards what is true. 580 more words

Wandering Mind