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We will always have them. No matter how hard we try to forget them, they will always be there. Even if it’s not protruding in your mind, it will still be there. 137 more words


Late Night Thoughts

I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me tonight. I try to sleep and I couldn’t, and when I finally do, I wake up at 3:30AM and cannot fall back asleep… 389 more words


Happy Blogday! Welcome to my chaotic life!

There it is…my first entry. I wa(o)nder if I will actually keep posting, as most things in my life are short lived;) I was blessed with the attention span of a dog and although I can see some positives in it – for example: trying million different things makes my life more interesting! 176 more words

Blog Born

Love At First Site 19 - The experience of it all

“You studied journalism and then went to medicine?” asked I in a very contradictory tone. “They’re total opposite careers. How did that happen?”

“Like I said, I’ve always wanted to do many things although my final goal has always been to be a doctor and I know how to get to that, which I’m currently doing.” 461 more words

Love At First Site

October 30, 2014: Have a literary day

This last week I had begun to sleep well again. I’m unable to pin point the cause of this pleasantness but possibly its related to getting back into reading. 213 more words

A Quartet of Unrelated Thoughts, Poetically

I hate the word “disease”.
It’s like spiders,
Or worms;
Something rotten,
Moldy cheese.
A defective specimen,
Like God said “oops!”
As something melted
In the oven. 82 more words



I often find myself watching plenty of TV-shows these days. Some good, others not so good. But the really good and memorable ones tend to be the ones that make you fall in love for characters that you didn’t actually liked in the first place. 162 more words

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