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Everyone needs a soulmate.

Thường khi ngày tháng đều đặn trôi qua và thiếu vắng những niềm vui bất chợt, là lúc a fun good time with someone who really gets you is needed. 287 more words

Wandering Mind

They forgot

They weren’t cows inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see sky, and they remember what they are.

A probably obscure quote from a nearly obscure sci-fi tv show I love.

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Wandering Mind

Transient Angels

People come into and leave our lives all the time.

Do you ever wonder what happened to some of the people who you came to know over the journey of your life, but have now vanished out of it… moved, lost touch – whatever the reason may be.  746 more words

By Wifeela

147 minutes of my life...

These are the English Language Minutes taken from the “Seventh Staff Meeting” at a Hong Kong Government Secondary School –  these meetings are always entirely conducted in Cantonese, and rightly so – there is only one staff member who cannot speak it. 896 more words


Wandering Mind

constrains hold tight
but they can’t touch me here
so I’ll keep fighting
I want the passion
the fire of desire
of fulfilled yearning

no piety here… 48 more words


2 am, dreams, and weekends

Beautiful dreamer lay down your head,

It’s past 2 am and you should be in bed.

The computer can wait, and so can the blog… 124 more words


100th day (plus four)

I’ve made my 100th day in the States… about 4 days ago I think.

Last week was a tough one. Yesterday was a tough one. This whole month was… difficult. 544 more words

Wandering Mind