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What is a worthwhile pursuit?

It’s the beginning of the school year and though we are unschooling there is paperwork to fill out and a reassessment that happens for us.  It’s like intention setting and review.   180 more words

Wandering Mind


It’s always last thing at night,
And first thing in the morning,
When it happens.
Because that’s when your mind,
Realising that you are not in control,
Really begins to wander.


The Tendency Towards Resentment

I think it may be an automatic reaction – the tendency toward resentment.  It is certainly one of my constant struggles.  Especially now when my life is… 285 more words

Wandering Mind

Insomnia and the Mind

Sleep is one of those things that my body has always demanded.  I took naps long after friends gave them up.  I was an early to bed, early to rise kind of kid.   277 more words


Introductions on August 6th

So it’s August!

Six days in, granted, but it’s my month! So I’m allowed a little excitement, thank you very much.
And I don’t mean to sound possessive like… 1,022 more words


Get Up and Go

So I found myself thinking that I may have made a mistake this summer season. I took on a full course load for a complete, 3 month, summer semester at SFU. 572 more words

Travel Notes