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15/10/14 - Strange Dreams #9: Wandering Mind

You don’t have to think really hard to realize that you’re a slave to your own mind. She burdens you with sporadic, incoherent glimpses that know how to incite, pinch, and inspire hateful feelings to yourself. 122 more words

The Wanderings of a Mindful Mind

The term ‘mindfulness’ had been invading everything I read like a persistent two-year-old tugging at my t-shirt. Eventually, I’d acquiesced and looked up the term on Google: 1,254 more words



One of the few things I do miss of having a TV, is missing little gems like TLC and it’s plethora of unusual (for me at least) documentaries. 574 more words

Wandering Mind

really slow Sunday

My idea of accomplishment was getting up at 6:34 to feed the cat. Naturally I didn’t stay up too long…. But it was after 1 am when I finally fell asleep, and Misu not only slept by my legs last night, but returned in the morning after her breakfast, and even sat on my chest a little. 329 more words


A Wandering Mind

No matter how many times I set an intention to stay present to what’s happening on my mat, I’ll notice before long that my mind wanders. 683 more words


Pondering Peppers

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Peter Piper, according to the line, did not pick a peck of peppers and then pickle them, he picked the peck of previously pickled peppers. 170 more words

in between


3. A confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is difficult.

Beautiful sight, notwithstanding the feelings inside. 11 more words

Wandering Mind