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3. A confining or undesirable circumstance from which escape or relief is difficult.

Beautiful sight, notwithstanding the feelings inside. 11 more words

Wandering Mind

A Bothersome Tendency

A bothersome tendency indeed,
That of the wandering mind.
To never rest and unceasingly skip
Over matters of grave concern
And trivialities alike.

To not stop for the learned hour… 44 more words



Happiness. Noun.
The act of kneeling for a few moments in front of potty. Being hugged in the end. Occasionally, kissed.

Who would know that pissing would be such an heartwarming moment?

Wandering Mind


Suddenly, we’re back in to our normality apart. It feels odd that it feels normal to be talking on skype again. Back in the same routines. 40 more words

Wandering Mind

Landing in London

London. Hounslow’s. Heathrow airport.

Not quite the best London has to offer in terms of tourism I reckon. But I’m not doing tourism anyway.

Airports all feel a bit like the same. 220 more words

Wandering Mind


I disappeared for a while…which means things have either been good or really bad.  Lucky for me, it’s been the former.   Or at least less-bad.  Although, my… 225 more words


Biết mình muốn gì

Tôi nghĩ nhiều người thường struggle với việc không rõ mình muốn gì. In general. Như là không rõ định hướng nghề nghiệp, tình yêu, học vấn. 1,203 more words

Wandering Mind