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Day 16

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

Today’s wandering wonders…

  • I wonder how much of my time is spent thinking about the past, thinking about the present, and thinking about the future.  
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Wandering Mind

Day 8 - Introspection

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

Yesterday was not a unique day in the sense that it came and went with little to note.  Now that I am trying be aware of my days, to recognize my thoughts, to be more present and open to the roles & participation of thoughts in my life, to be open to understanding… It seems that I am initially aware of one thing… the possibility that this ‘yesterday’ might be an often reoccurring day in my life. 345 more words


Day 7 - Brain fool

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

Wow, day 7 and I am totally blank.  I am not blank in the sense that my mind has stopped.   108 more words

Getting Started

Day 5 - Mind In-activity

Hello to all, Hello to myself,

I am stuck in the cyclical brain-drain of my occupational task lists.  All I am doing is running an endless loop of the checklists in my mind.   375 more words



We will always have them. No matter how hard we try to forget them, they will always be there. Even if it’s not protruding in your mind, it will still be there. 137 more words


Late Night Thoughts

I honestly don’t know what is wrong with me tonight. I try to sleep and I couldn’t, and when I finally do, I wake up at 3:30AM and cannot fall back asleep… 389 more words


Happy Blogday! Welcome to my chaotic life!

There it is…my first entry. I wa(o)nder if I will actually keep posting, as most things in my life are short lived;) I was blessed with the attention span of a dog and although I can see some positives in it – for example: trying million different things makes my life more interesting! 176 more words

Blog Born