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The Great Colosseum of Rome

A trip to Rome is overwhelming with the amount of ruins; it is hard to know what is what, what is from when, and who is depicted in statues. 292 more words


Santarém, Portugal

A primeira vez que fui a Santarém foi a pedido do António, o meu namorado da altura. Nunca pensei que fosse uma cidade tão bonita, e no entanto acabei por perceber que sim, não sei se porque estava apaixonada e acompanhada de uma das melhores pessoas que conheço e de outras igualmente maravilhosas, se foi realmente só a cidade, a verdade é que foram as melhores férias que tive até hoje. 1,799 more words


Apollo Junior - where my found my love for teaching kids


Apollo Junior PNT – nơi tình yêu dành cho trẻ con của tôi được nuôi dưỡng.


The trip to Thailand.

I guess as I wait in the Bangkok airport to leave Thailand is as good of time as any to start writing about my trip. 556 more words


Rainy Day In Zeebrugge

It was a cold rainy day in Zeebrugge, a village in the coast of Belgium and a popular place to go to during a cruise vacation. 137 more words


Lost In Copenhagen (Part 2)

It’s our second day in Copenhagen. I didn’t get a chance to see The Little Mermaid on the first day because of what happened and I didn’t had time anymore, so I promised to myself it will be my first stop for the day. 593 more words


In which we prove I AM a coward when the water is anything remotely deeper than three feet

The really ironic thing is I love swimming being in the water. I can wade in the pool or in the beach for hours. All-nighters, even. 336 more words

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