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Reviews this Disposable Mascara Applicator Wands Pink, Set of 25

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Think of beauty safely and responsibly. Disposable mascara wands are the essential number one makeup tool for professional makeup artists, students and cosmetic brands in order to prevent eye infections. Reduce the risk of cross…

In Our Daughter's Handbag

Just before lunch Ian drove Becky, Scooby, and me to Barton on Sea. As we walked along the cliff top, we watched storm clouds approaching from the North. 625 more words

Three of Wands

Okay. Just a warning but I am doing this from my phone. This will be an experiment.

My thoughts - Why, in these pictures are they only actively holding one of the sticks? 176 more words


How the Death Eaters got their name (maybe)

Following on from my wonderings about wands in Harry Potter, I wanted to talk a bit more about Death Eaters.

As I said yesterday, it’s a very silly name. 334 more words


Wondering about Wands

Have you ever wondered about the wands in Harry Potter? I have…

The wand chooses the wizard, remember…
~ Garrick Ollivander, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…

266 more words

Monsterful Monday- My Arcana Courts, 3/4: Wands

Special mentions first- tea, Voltaren, fruit pie, quiet nights in, snuggles with the Best Beloved, having a fancypants whole food shop at the end of my street, exciting news from friends, knitting inspiration, Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy was so much fun), Kirk the Ravager, Chibi silliness, washing up. 584 more words

Monsterful Mondays

Two of Wands

My thoughts-  This man is looking past the world that he holds in his hands. Maybe he is disappointed with what he has and wants more, which is why he is looking off into the distance, wondering what is out there. 188 more words

The Minor Arcana