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I didn't begin this entry craving burritos. How do I get burritos without leaving the bed?

It’s weird being at a gig where you just can’t connect. The music’s blaring, beats are flowing and bodies all around you are gyrating energetically to the performance. 605 more words

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If my parents were giant robot technicians, my dad would officially be cooler than yours.

I’ve been trying to call my parents for the last few days. Once it gets to about midnight or 1am I load up Skype and give ‘em a ring. 783 more words

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Gimme 24 hours. I'll turn this bitch around.

For the sake of full disclosure, my brain isn’t really working right now. Blame sleep deprivation or any number of other things. Actually, that’s what I’ll do. 844 more words

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Jacking in, not jacking off.

This morning I woke up at Lorde knows what time to take a leak. Upon leaving the bathroom I noticed the sound of my screen door squeaking shut, as it does after someone’s opened it. 698 more words

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Not bad for 27 minutes off the cuff. Swift and to the point.

It’s JFL42. That wondrous Toronto echo of the world renown Just For Laughs Montreal festival. 3 years in and there’s some finicky online check in system that should technically allow you to see a metric fuckton of shows, but ultimately will cause frustration and tears. 672 more words

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Making a Name: The Ultimate Ninja

“Soon, all will know my name!  I am…”

Written by:Mike Ryan
Original Air Date: February 7, 2004
Teaser Narrator: Leonardo
Characters and Concepts Introduced: 2,582 more words


Is the word "secretion" ever not in reference to something gross? Would that change if you were a cannibal?

People, humanoids and non-humans, inanimate objects, there’s something you have to know. Actually, “have to” is a bit strong. Considerably strong. Borderline absurd even. It’s not even a notable chapter in your lives let alone something worth knowing about. 746 more words

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