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Freshly baked cookies to anyone who counts the number of travel metaphors I've made during this project.

Whenever I sit here looking at a blank page, hamstrung by intense procrastination, I think myself fortunate. Fortunate because any time the notion of writer’s block comes up, I know I can always just ramble about having writer’s block, which eventually negates it. 483 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

I need to close my eyes before I start seeing things.

Sorry guys, but I’m in one of those must write, must sleep robotic style moods. Do you hear the softly babbling brook? Because I think we’re in for a stream of consciousness. 616 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Well that was concise.

I don’t really have anything to talk about tonight.

Rather than just end it there, I thought I’d find some gimmicky pretense to keep things active. 872 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

I think I now have as many sex toys as I do pairs of shoes.

The other day someone told me I’d be doing porn before I knew it. If I somehow end up working in the pornography industry, let this post be that bolt of recognition. 833 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

All this illness is gonna land me straight into a coffin fit.

I’m tired of being sick. Again. I feel like my time here so far has been underscored by the tune of a certain malady. I’m becoming fluent in illness, an ever-present cough or sneeze punctuating my speech like gunshot. 672 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Cue next week, when I try to scribe the story of the pokérap.

I don’t know what possessed me to write a rap about one of New Zealand’s most iconic children’s books, but something did. If I get bored maybe I’ll try to record it. 445 more words


Aside from "south" are there rhymes for "mouth"?

Words on a page, words on a page, what I need right now are words on a page
Most words will suffice, whether cage, gauge or sage… 400 more words

Stream Of Consciousness