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I do like The Stone Roses - I Wanna be Adored. Am I the problem?

I’m in a pretty good place right now. Having two of your closest friends in arm’s reach does that to a person. It’s phenomenal being able to weave simultaneously between nostalgia trips and making new memories. 632 more words

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Rest, Recuperation and "Reflections"

“Come, let us sit and talk.” Splinter


Written by: Roland Gonzalez
Original Air Date: February 14, 2004
Teaser Narrator: Splinter
Characters and Concepts Introduced: 1,123 more words


They don't call it sea-weed for nothing. Alternate title: Udon fucked up, son.

This post is brought to you by a twinge of insanity. I’m not in a right state of mind, due to gratuitous feasting.  A friend and I decided to check out an all you can eat sushi restaurant today and now I’m checked out. 716 more words

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Sanity here? At APOP? Guano way Jose.

I’ve finally found my convention. Atomic Lollipop, in its fourth year, is a celebration of fun, geekdom and batshit insanity which this year was held at the Ontario Science Centre. 802 more words

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Probably the most self-centred this is likely to get.

Looking through the page data today (because I’m curious to see if anyone out there is actually interested in my weird dreams, neuroticisms, dating woes and groan inducing puns. 772 more words

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Brew Dogs is a surprise

Brew Dogs (2013)
Starring: Martin Dickie and James Watt

Okay, i really expected to dislike this series that features Martin and James from Brew Dog. That’s because while I like a lot of Brew Dog beers, I cannot fucking stand all the stupid wankery and pissfarting around they go on with. 231 more words

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Itchin' for a fixin' from the kitchen.

Wow, this new food blog venture I’ve signed up for is gonna be something special. As someone who has always appreciated both the culinary arts and the allure of frugality, cupid’s arrow hit a direct bullseye. 587 more words