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Not bad for 27 minutes off the cuff. Swift and to the point.

It’s JFL42. That wondrous Toronto echo of the world renown Just For Laughs Montreal festival. 3 years in and there’s some finicky online check in system that should technically allow you to see a metric fuckton of shows, but ultimately will cause frustration and tears. 672 more words

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Making a Name: The Ultimate Ninja

“Soon, all will know my name!  I am…”

Written by:Mike Ryan
Original Air Date: February 7, 2004
Teaser Narrator: Leonardo
Characters and Concepts Introduced: 2,582 more words


Is the word "secretion" ever not in reference to something gross? Would that change if you were a cannibal?

People, humanoids and non-humans, inanimate objects, there’s something you have to know. Actually, “have to” is a bit strong. Considerably strong. Borderline absurd even. It’s not even a notable chapter in your lives let alone something worth knowing about. 746 more words

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Non-euclidean phallus? I'd love to try drinking out of a non-euclidean chalice.

Thoughts, things, stuff and whatnot. I’m in a scattered frame of mind, so let’s try and gather some order from the chaos. Bullet points, Bay-B: 815 more words

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For all I know it was Lindsay Lohan. Life's been tough on her lately.

I had a weird moment on the TTC this morning. It didn’t involve public nudity or auto-cannibalism, don’t worry. I was people watching, practically the best activity one could ask for on public transport (apart from sitting, that’s good too). 797 more words

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Making ludic of myself.

Today’s word is “ludic”. Not for any particularly thematic reason, but purely because I just learned it. Like any flashy material good, I obviously wish to show it off. 699 more words

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Don't get too cross with me, that ending was immaculate.

Christ, I feel dead. Which is to say that much like Jesus (wow, deifying myself in record time), I feel like I died and was reborn. 420 more words

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