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For all I know it was Lindsay Lohan. Life's been tough on her lately.

I had a weird moment on the TTC this morning. It didn’t involve public nudity or auto-cannibalism, don’t worry. I was people watching, practically the best activity one could ask for on public transport (apart from sitting, that’s good too). 797 more words

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Making ludic of myself.

Today’s word is “ludic”. Not for any particularly thematic reason, but purely because I just learned it. Like any flashy material good, I obviously wish to show it off. 699 more words

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Don't get too cross with me, that ending was immaculate.

Christ, I feel dead. Which is to say that much like Jesus (wow, deifying myself in record time), I feel like I died and was reborn. 420 more words

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I could've been pretentious and just named this entry "Home", but I think that kind of public wankery would be in poor taste.

End of the month, end of the line. Losing my friends to Vancouver and my flat to a renovationary landlord. The former are heading out west (I swear I have to stop for a few seconds and paint a mental 4 point star to work out directions every time) to see whether Van City or Tron-ah suits their lifestyle best for the next year. 688 more words

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I do like The Stone Roses - I Wanna be Adored. Am I the problem?

I’m in a pretty good place right now. Having two of your closest friends in arm’s reach does that to a person. It’s phenomenal being able to weave simultaneously between nostalgia trips and making new memories. 632 more words

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Rest, Recuperation and "Reflections"

“Come, let us sit and talk.” Splinter


Written by: Roland Gonzalez
Original Air Date: February 14, 2004
Teaser Narrator: Splinter
Characters and Concepts Introduced: 1,123 more words


They don't call it sea-weed for nothing. Alternate title: Udon fucked up, son.

This post is brought to you by a twinge of insanity. I’m not in a right state of mind, due to gratuitous feasting.  A friend and I decided to check out an all you can eat sushi restaurant today and now I’m checked out. 716 more words

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