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To be a swallow

This one’s about a swallow. (Psst, not really, it’s about people)

One sunny day in mid-July

When the air was crackling dry.

I looked at the birds swooping so high… 294 more words

Peopley Story

August 27, 2014



(Number 605)

I want God. God wants me. I seek God. I find me.



I want to love.

I want to be able to love.

Like in the cinema.

Like my parents.

I can’t fathom it but I want it.

My Life

Tomoki and Rie in Kyoto

Before dinner I ran into this couple. Two lovely people enjoying some down time in Kyoto.

Tomoki: “I like hats. I like to collect hats. I have over ten kinds of hats now.”

Rie: “I want clothes”

Day 214 - The Difference Between Need And Want

It’s day 214. I learned a valuable lesson today about achieving success. There is a difference between wanting something and needing something. This should be obvious because the words hold different meanings, but I believe it goes deeper than their definitions.  204 more words


daily haiku #3

she firmly shouts to him bitterly, “just leave”
yet he dwells among her for days
he sings songs as she begins to sway


Oh all the things I want to make.

It’s a gorgeous tuesday afternoon in the quietness of the rv park. Yes, another week of almost silence!!! I made 2 shirts yesterday that impressed my bf. 148 more words

My Thoughts