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Love Is Easy

Is it? I’ve been having a lot of conversations in these couple of days that revolve around this specific subject. So I will ask you because, ironically and even though I give a lot of love advices to my many in loved girlfriends, I’m practically lost, I’ve never been in a serious relationship. 909 more words

I wanted and I never wanted

I never wanted to be hurt,
I never wanted you to hurt me after you hurt me,
I never wanted you to be a monster, 145 more words


The Love Everyone Wants.

There she stood, dressed in her light blue tank top and leather jacket blazer, her hair draped over her eyes as the rain poured over both of your heads. 192 more words

it seems real

The last few days… damn… the sheer volume of need around me (and within me… who am i kiddin… i’m fairly dripping with it myself) 119 more words

Real Life

on another note

things that I get tickled about: winnie the pooh
things that tickle others: my love for winnie the pooh

showing all the girls in the counselors office these pooh shoes- that WILL be purchased as soon as I can get ahold of $109 big ones, just tickled them. 52 more words



Well, ladies and gents, it appears to be that time again!


The other day I was shopping at the new TJ MAXX with some girlfriends and realized that almost everything I picked out had some sort of fringe on it. 130 more words


Wasted Pennies Thrown In Wells

If I could store my prayers in jars like fireflies–

If I could show you how much I wanted you,

How much I wished for you, 33 more words