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I’m so selfish when it comes to my relationship with God. I’m so controlling when it comes to us. I really do want what I want even if it’s not what I should have. 534 more words



I think too much.
I keep myself up,
Asking questions like what if.
I can’t outrun all my thoughts.
I can’t out-wit all my wondering.


Vagabond LINDI Sandals

I’m not a big fan of sandals and I genuinely struggle to clothe (shoe?) my trotters in the summertime. Flip flops on the tube? Ew, no thanks. 89 more words


The Edge

When want turns to need
and need turns into longing
all thought is lost

When desire takes over
and leads us to the edge
We fall apart and crumble


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Things To Do

messrs. want and need, alias messrs. get to and have to

Want and Need are two different people but can often pass for each other.   Need is much better at knowing his place and behaving well.   Want, if he doesn’t have other people relentlessly keeping after him, if he isn’t obedient to authority, can be awfully seriously naughty.   239 more words


Quieres ser mi novia — Sorry, I don t speak spanish. — Do you want to be my Girlfriend — Disculpa, no hablo

¿Quieres ser mi novia? — Sorry, I don t speak spanish. — ¿Do you want to be my Girlfriend? — Disculpa, no hablo inglés.