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Millions like you think about million others, someone and everyone exist there,let the right ones for you enter first, you just make sure you fit them in your thoughts for the life you follow and  the life you want to evolve with


The dream of last night

The dream of last night.

The dream of last night told I want
something completely different.
And I also realized
even if I got them all… 166 more words


Wishful Thinking

Most all of my life, I did what others wanted me to do. I thought I need to do this because it needs to be done. 159 more words

What Do You Get When You Cross a Kayak and a Paddle Board?

Brilliant!   This is what you get when you cross a kayak and a paddle board….

a KYPAD….and it is awesome!

If you have kids who love being on the water, you should really check these out. 305 more words

Things To Do

All she wanted was a lifetime of adventures..

Today I made some possible gains in my life, despite having a pretty upsetting weekend I was determined to start today on a positive note. 534 more words


The Wolf on Larping in the Great Outdoors

Since this winter seems to be a time of awful weather, unexpected temperature shifts and general emotional blahs, thinking back on the pleasure of outdoor larping seems to be the only logical thing to do. 1,062 more words