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New Wants

I have stopped wanting things for birthdays.  I think that I was still a teenager the last time I had something that made me wiggly inside.  168 more words

N is for...Needful

Today’s post was going to be about ninjas…

But…work. So, here at the end of another long day, I will go with the other word that suggested: Needful. 321 more words

Challenge Accepted!

What Is Right

People are problem solvers.  Everyone you meet has a bit of advice for this thing or that thing.  Everyone can tell you what you should… 812 more words


This is the Beginning of Something Beautiful

Things that are really, really good:

Scalding hot showers
Coffee that is hot but not too hot
The thrill of love
Open windows
Long walks… 523 more words

Plís hár koma svo...


Skref 1 er búið… Byrjuð að lýsa hárið, en men hvað væri gott að geta síkkað það líka!


Allt í vinnslu… hægri vinnslu…


9. the Wants

I want to learn

I want to heal.


is it too late for me to do something that helps them

do i need books, where are there still books like that… 256 more words

Every State's Favorite Sandwich

Of course, Washington would land with the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. This infographic is pretty tiny, so make sure you click the photo above for a more enlarged version. 8 more words