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Ukraine: MH17 False Flag Coverup.

Posted on September 15, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

( From http://www.strategic-culture.org)

MH17: An Internationally Sanctioned Cover-Up Orchestrated by US and UK

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Earth Matters

Strange logic of the ISIS war

Officials in Washington are inadvertently providing some insight into the strange logic of their nebulous war against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL, in contradictory and puerile statements about whether the military action should be called a war, or perhaps something else. 1,277 more words

War And Peace

Edward Snowden Is No Hero - The New Yorker

Any marginally attentive citizen, much less N.S.A. employee or contractor, knows that the entire mission of the agency is to intercept electronic communications…

What makes leak cases difficult is that some leaking—some interaction between reporters and sources who have access to classified information—is normal, even indispensable, in a society with a free press.

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Classical Liberalism

Richard Cohen: NSA is doing what Google does

Greenwald likens Snowden to Daniel Ellsberg, who revealed the Pentagon Papers to The Post and the New York Times more than four decades ago.

Not quite.

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Classical Liberalism

Tolstoy is everywhere

The other day I had a weird dream.

I dreamt that someone was angry with me. She/He kept yelling because I had never read Anna Karenina… 238 more words


Tolstoy and the Shaker

The work Pat and I do together leads us on some fascinating detours. While we were researching the Shakers for our multiple-award-winning novel Anna’s World… 504 more words

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