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Australia Harbouring Suspected War Criminal.

A Fairfax investigation has today revealed that there is an accused war criminal living in Canberra – and has been living there for almost a decade. 237 more words


A message to the British members of parliament voting today.

Some of you were responsible for the devastation that wrecked Iraq several years ago. I hope at some point you face the consequences of those actions along with a certain Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. 299 more words

How Americans Think ... or Don't Think

Okay. Stolen from the current edition of The Nation, but This Modern World from Tom Tomorrow is so spot on, any paraphrasing would just obfuscate the message: 346 more words


Former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura has been unloading on almost everyone on his new show, “Off the Grid” on Ora.tv. His newest episode might be his hardest hit yet as the former governor takes on former Vice President Dick Cheney. 916 more words