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The BBC Has Lost Its Right To Be Britain's National Broadcaster.

The pro-Israel bias 0f the BBC continues. It has clearly been stung by the massive outcry at its appalling reporting and it has improved some coverage but it is completely blanking the massive protests today in London and other British cities. 76 more words


Setting: Berlin 1945

The forces of evil face off against … the other forces of evil. The city’s defenders are hopelessly outnumbered and surrounded with no chance of escape. 555 more words


Right Wingers Will Be Unable to Resist Defending Cheney

By John O’Connor

Steve Benen writes on the jabs that Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney traded this week:

Even putting aside questions about foreign policies and the public’s war weariness, Bill Clinton vs.

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Bush and Blair: Blackmailed pedophiles or just war criminals?

Source: Veterans Today, by Kevin Barrett, 6/21/2014

Today, after more than a million dead and several millions exiled, as the “too extreme for al-Qaeda” ISIL is grabbing more and more of Iraq, the question once again arises: 905 more words

War On Terror

Dick Cheney is Back: Where's the Wood Chipper?

Recently I’ve been working outside, clearing a buncha trees which have appeared on the edge of our lawn over the past 7-8 years, since the last time I did this. 633 more words

War Criminal or Merely Meglomaniac?

Harping on former Vice President Dick Cheney, et. al. as war criminals is a useless endeavor, although it may provide a satisfying emotional vent.

There is no doubt that there is a moral case to be made that, born out of neo-con hubris and the inane doctrine of “American Exceptionalism”, he was instrumental in engineering a cluster-fuck of global dimension. 203 more words

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