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War Dogs

War Dogs
Greg Bear

There had better be a sequel for this.

Greg Bear returns from shared universe forays with a military/Hard SF hybrid set on Mars that borrows gleefully from a whole grab bag of classic SF tropes. 640 more words

Hard SF

Review: War Dogs

(War Dogs, by Greg Bear. New York: Orbit, 2014, 291 pp.,  $25.00)

reviewed by Zeke Teflon

War Dogs  is the first book in Greg Bear’s brand new military sci-fi series. 535 more words

Science Fiction

Charity Tuesdays: Remembrance Day

‘I have destroyed my life and myself so that others may live’-Anonymous Army Medic

Since today is Canada’s ‘Remembrance Day’, which is also recognized in the majority of the commonwealth, which is seen as Independence day in some countries, Armistice Day in some countries and Veterans Day in the USA, I figured that we should address a growing problem in our Veterans: PTSD. 248 more words

Charity Tuesday